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17 ideas to help unlock the potential of a small kitchen


Unfortunately, modern realities are such that many of our compatriots have to put up with the fact that their kitchen has tiny dimensions. From this, some believe that in such a space it is almost impossible to equip comfort.

We have collected 17 ideas that will help unlock the potential of a small kitchen.

1. Industrial style

Kitchen in industrial style.

A neat industrial-style kitchen with a decorative coating for concrete, a modern light-colored kitchen set, a table-sill and an abundance of details stylized as an aged wood.

2. Pastel gamma

Small kitchen in pastel colors.

A small kitchen in Khrushchev with soft blue walls, an ergonomic suite with white fronts of lockers and a lot of open shelves that allow you to store a huge amount of things and at the same time save space.

3. Hi-tech

High-tech in stalinka.

A small kitchen, which due to the glossy fronts of the cabinets looks much more spacious, and compact furniture and decor items make this kitchen active and dynamic.

4. Cozy classics

Cozy kitchen with wooden lockers.

Wonderful kitchen with white glossy cabinets at the top, creating the illusion of space, and wooden furniture at the bottom, making the interior cozy and warm. The atmosphere of a family kitchen is complemented by chairs in textile cases and inconspicuous decor items.

5. Coffee bar

Small kitchen with coffee bar.

A charming bright kitchen with brick walls, an ergonomic corner suite and a wonderful coffee area represented by a round table with stucco and comfortable white armchairs.

6. Visual effects

Kitchen with white walls and competent lighting.

A small kitchen, which was increased with the help of competent artificial lighting, as well as light walls and glossy facades. The dining area here is represented by a compact round table and a charming wooden bench.

7. Open plan

Bright and functional open kitchen.

Stylish and thought-out interior of an open kitchen with rich blue wallpaper, gray tiles on the floor, a compact suite with glossy facades and a small bar that separates the kitchen from the living room.

8. Chalk board

Chalk board.

Tiny bright kitchen with an L-shaped set and an apron in the form of a chalk board, which became a peculiar highlight of the space.

9. Contrasts

Contrasting interior of a small kitchen.

A dynamic interior with white cabinets on top, a gray kitchen apron and rich blue cabinets on the bottom. The furniture is complemented by wooden furniture and ceramic tiles with an active pattern.

10. Concrete Cool

Kitchen with accent wall, stylized concrete.

Modern kitchen with elements of industrial style in the form of an accent wall, stylized as concrete and several details of coarse wood.

11. Along the walls

Light narrow kitchen.

A tiny narrow kitchen in which all the furniture is located along the walls with the letter P. White kitchen cupboards almost merge with the wall decoration, visually expanding the boundaries of space, and a wooden folding table provides an additional working surface and dining area.

12. Classic

Classic style kitchen.

Magnificent kitchen in a classic style with light furnish, cream furniture, charming textiles and an elegant dining area represented by an oval table and soft chairs.

13. Bright decision

Bright dynamic kitchen.

Spectacular and dynamic interior of the kitchen, which was created thanks to the competent combination of yellow, blue, violet and gray shades.

14. Loft

Kitchen with loft style elements.

A small kitchen, in the interior of which it was possible to combine elements of loft and Scandinavian style. The result was a dynamic and cozy space with a corner suite, a spectacular gray apron and a bar of rough wood at the window.

15. highlight

Small kitchen with original dining area.

Elegant kitchen with dark cabinets, brick apron and original dining area with a massive solid wood table and a soft gray sofa.

16. Uniform design

Elegant kitchen with U-shaped suite.

Cute and very cozy kitchenette with a U-shaped suite of a pleasant cream color, built-in appliances, narrow wall cabinets and an abundance of charming little things that make this space interesting and dynamic.

17. White decoration

Snow-white kitchen with a bar.

A tiny kitchen that has been expanded with white walls and compact cabinets of the same color. Built-in appliances allowed great space saving, and a compact bar counter allowed to get an additional work surface and a dining area.

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