Useful ideas

Products that are not afraid of cold at all


Those who have homestead land, as well as cottage owners, every summer probably wonder where to put berries, vegetables and fruits, which can be so many that it is simply impossible to cope with their disposal.

In this case, freezing saves and many willingly use this method. But did you know that in addition to harvesting from the garden you can freeze a lot of other products?

Mashed potatoes

Sometimes, when I come home in the evening after a long working day, I don’t want to waste time on preparing a side dish. Here you will be saved by pre-cooked and frozen mashed potatoes. Make mashed potatoes according to your favorite recipe and form small portion balls using a spoon. Put them on the parchment and send them to the freezer for several hours, then arrange them in freezer bags. To defrost the mashed potatoes, simply place the sealed bag in hot water for just a few minutes.


Boil too much pasta, do not rush to put them in the fridge, but try to pack them in bags and, releasing all the air from them, send them to the freezer. Here you are ready and the basis for soups and casseroles. It remains only to defrost the same way as mashed potatoes, dipping sachets in hot water, and add to the dish.

Cookie dough

Many often buy ready-made frozen dough, but you can cook it at home by yourself, especially if we are talking about some special grandmother's recipe. In addition, homemade dough, we recommend freezing, giving it the shape of a ready-made cookie. Then you will only have to defrost it beforehand and send it to the oven.


Left pies after a big feast? No problem. Wrap them in freezing paper and put them in the freezer. The next time you want to pamper yourself, you do not have to waste time preparing the dough and filling. Just take out the pie and heat it in the oven. Believe me, it will be as tasty as if you just made it.


Agree that it is pleasant sometimes to eat something tasty for breakfast, for example, homemade pancakes, but the time for their preparation can be found only on a day off. That's great. Bake a little more and freeze, putting it first on a baking sheet, and then removing it in sachets. By the way, you can freeze and pancakes with filling, for example, with cottage cheese. It is tastier and cheaper than purchased ones.


There are several options for freezing fragrant herbs. You can chop it, freeze it on parchment, and then put it in an airtight plastic container, taking out and sprinkling your favorite dishes. And you can use ice molds, pouring where the chopped greens and pouring broth. These cubes are perfect if you cook soup or stew meat.

Potato chips

I wanted to crunch something in front of the TV, but nothing is appropriate? Always keep a few bags of ordinary chips in the freezer, freezing them in the same package in which they are sold. By the way, an interesting observation: frozen chips are even tastier, so there is no need to defrost them.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice is often on the list of ingredients of various dishes, but fresh lemon is not always on hand. So why not take care of this in advance and freeze lemon juice? For this you will need ice molds, where you need to pour fresh lemon juice.


Frozen butter is especially useful if you bake a lot. Everything is very simple. Put the butter in a plastic bag or wrap it tightly with foil and put it in the fridge overnight before use. Usually, the oil is stored in the freezer for no longer than six months, although there have been cases when it remained tasty for up to a year.

The nuts

How do you not freeze the nuts? Very vain. If you need to constantly have on hand several varieties of nuts for different dishes, the freezer is the best solution. Nuts (especially peeled) contain a lot of fat, and therefore quickly deteriorate and become bitter under the influence of high temperature, humidity, light, or even metal. Store nuts in a vacuum plastic container. Raw nuts can spend up to eight months in the freezer. Just do not forget that one bitter nut can spoil the whole dish for you, so be sure to try them before using.


Any hostess who has organized a party at least once knows how convenient it is to serve guests cheese plates. Therefore, if you stumble upon a sale of cheese, do not hesitate to buy more. Cheese can be stored in its original packaging, tightly wrapped with plastic film or aluminum foil. Soft cheeses and spreads are stored in the freezer for a month, but hard cheeses - up to six months. Do not forget to put frozen cheese in the fridge for the night before serving it.

Tomato Paste

How many times have you had to buy a whole jar of tomato paste for just a few tablespoons of prescription needed? Next time try freezing the residue in the ice mold. Now, when you will be preparing a regular spaghetti sauce, cubes with pasta will always be at your fingertips.