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16 secrets from chefs who will bring your culinary skills to a new level


The kitchen is the place where we spend a considerable part of our time cooking on it and eating the fruits of our culinary creativity. It often happens that, due to our own ignorance, we carelessly spoil products or simply have no idea how to prepare them correctly.

But fortunately, the chefs decided to share secrets and tricks that help them prepare their stunning dishes.

Perfect steak

To make the steak perfect, remove the meat from the refrigerator 1-2 hours before cooking. Such meat, unlike cold meat, will be evenly fried. And for a beautiful crust it is worth getting steak wet before preparing paper towels.

How not to overdry chicken or pork

In order not to overdry chicken or lean pork, European cooks had the idea to soak the meat in brine. Add in a 1 liter of water a quarter cup of salt and half a cup of sugar and cover the meat with brine completely. Soak in the refrigerator from half an hour to 8 hours (depending on weight - 1 hour for each 1 kg). Be sure to wipe before frying!

How to unleash the taste of spices

To make the dish as saturated as possible with the taste and aroma of the spice, warm it in a frying pan without oil and chop it, ideally in a stone mortar. Even black pepper will play in a new way!

Air baking

Smash cold eggs, soften butter in the microwave ... Did that? Do not do more! It is better to leave these foods overnight at room temperature, and your baking will be airy.

Crisp Fish

Are you going to grill white fish? Apply a bit of mayonnaise on it with a cooking brush. Salt and boldly fry - it will be with a perfect crispy crust. Less spice - just salt and some lemon juice.

The secret from Alain Dyukassa

Do not use butter or vegetable oil for steak. Just fry first the side on which there is a fatty layer. He will find an amazing taste without unnecessary impurities.

How to get tender mashed potatoes

Before mashing potatoes with milk, dry them well, putting them on a hot, hot frying pan. The excess liquid will evaporate and you will get a delicate, exquisite puree. In order not to sprinkle yourself with hot milk during purging, slightly push the tubers and only then pour in the liquid.

Delicious vegetable puree soup

Before cooking vegetable cream soup, fry each vegetable separately in vegetable oil and only after this procedure, pour water or broth on it. Vegetable sugar will caramelize, the taste will open, and you will get a dish with a rich aroma. Just cook and stew.

Delicious baking

It does not matter if you are preparing pancakes for dessert or for snacks - add a few tablespoons of sour cream to the dough. They will become tender and tasty, and the filling can be easily wrapped and not damage the pancake.

Use sugar not only for desserts.

Sugar is suitable not only for desserts. If for your recipe you need to use raw or canned tomatoes, add a pinch of this product to muffle the natural acid - the taste of the dish will reveal for real.

The secret of the perfect cooking

Eggs, it would seem, is the easiest dish, but it can ruffle anyone. Now her secret is revealed: heat a thick-walled pan on a small fire and melt half a teaspoon of butter. Fry the egg for 4-5 minutes, salt and enjoy!

How to make clear meat broth

A lot of soups, sauces and other delicious dishes are prepared on the basis of transparent meat broth. But often he brings us, turning dull. So, if you do not want to get a turbid liquid, cook the chicken on the weakest fire for at least 3 hours. Make sure that the broth does not begin to boil and in time remove even the smallest foam. After half an hour, you can add raw root vegetables (parsley, celery, carrots, onions), but if your broth is from beef or lamb meat, cut the vegetables in half and fry in a frying pan without oil until black crust. Taste and color will be saturated!

Crispy homemade bread

Many housewives bake bread in the oven, because it will definitely be fresh and healthy. But often the crust fails - sometimes pale, then stone ... But the solution to the problem is very simple! Pour some water into a heat-resistant container and put it in the oven. Thanks to a couple you will get a beautiful crisp.

How to remove the sharp smell of onions

Warm the pan over medium heat, melt equal parts of butter and vegetable oil, put the salted chopped onion. You can use only melted butter. You will get rid of the pungent smell and get caramelized onions with a sweetish aroma.

Garlic smell

Garlic can harm both a business meeting and a date with a loved one. But if you really love him, brush with a clove the plate from which you are going to eat: the flavor will be transferred to the dish, but it will not harm you in any way. Leave the garlic fear of vampires!

How to get crisp

We noticed a pattern: the better and more expensive the pan, the less chance of getting a crisp? So, this is all because of the non-stick coating! They are great for pancakes and scrambled eggs, but if you need crispy vegetables or meat - take the good old cast-iron.