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Plain wallpaper and their combination with furniture: 18 winning ideas for creating a boring interior


Despite the unlimited choice of all kinds of wallpaper, many prefer the monotonous proven classics.

And it's not at all that people are afraid to experiment, they are just universal.

You only need to figure out what color of the wallpaper will be advantageously combined with your interior.

1. Spicy mustard

Living room in fusion style with mustard wallpaper.

Mustard is a shade that is obtained by mixing yellow and brown. Wallpapers of this interesting and deep color are perfect for decorating a shady living room. And in combination with designer furniture of turquoise color will create a truly bright, warm and cheerful interior in fusion style.

2. Elegant beige

Dining room in beige tones.

Beige is coffee with milk, butter cream, caramel, liqueur and more. Such a “delicious” shade has many variations, refers to neutral colors and is perfect for decorating any premises. Light beige walls in combination with furniture made of natural wood will help to create a warm and cozy atmosphere in the dining room or kitchen.

3. A muted shade

Children's room in blue tones.

Wall-paper of the muffled blue shade perfectly are suitable for registration of the nursery. This color has soothing and relaxing properties, and in combination with bright curtains and decor items, it will create a dynamic and cheerful interior.

4. Sweet apricot

Bathroom with apricot wallpaper.

Gentle, flirty and sweet apricot shade is ideal for decorating a women's apartment. Wallpapers of this unusual color can be used to decorate the walls in an elegant bathroom with classic furniture and fixtures.

5. Multifaceted shade

Living room with gray-blue textured wallpaper.

Children's room in warm colors.

Cheerful yellow wallpaper - the perfect solution for the decoration of the walls of the children's room. You can dilute the sunny atmosphere with the help of a striped accent wall, simple plain furniture and light textiles.

7. Noble gray

Dining room in gray tones.

With the help of light gray textured wallpaper you can create a truly elegant and noble interior. And so that the room with light monophonic walls does not look too boring, supplement it with bright chairs, a massive round table and eye-catching decorative elements.

8. Sunny day

Bright living room with yellow wallpaper.

Do you want all days to be sunny and in a good mood? Choose the yellow wallpaper for the living room. And if you complement the decor with bright furniture of rich blue and pink flowers, several variegated paintings and creative decor, you get a truly unique and stylish space.

9. Day and night

Contrasting combination of light and dark wallpapers.

Contrasting combination of white and dark gray wallpaper in the interior of a small bedroom, decorated in the Scandinavian style. As for the furniture, it should be as simple as possible: a low bed with a podium, a wooden console table and a corner shelf. Unusual details in the form of plants, lamps, paintings, posters and small knickknacks will help bring the dynamics to the interior.

10. Industrial style

Wallpaper, stylized as a concrete finish.

Fans of industrial style, for sure, will be delighted with the wallpaper, stylized concrete finish. These wallpapers will help to create a calm and cool atmosphere in the bedroom. And so that the interior does not look too cold and gloomy, supplement it with a bright ceiling and textiles of rich salad color.

11. Jeans

"Denim" wallpaper.

Textured denim wallpaper is a wonderful solution for creating an accent wall in the living room. Combine them with white paint, laconic blue furniture and soft carpet to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

12. Juicy peach

Bedroom with light peach wallpaper.

Wallpapers of light peach color will help create a romantic and dreamy atmosphere in the girl's bedroom. Unlike pink, this shade looks expensive, fresh and noble. The perfect company for peach-colored walls will be elegant white furniture.

13. Contrast combination

Monochrome wallpaper in the bedroom.

A combination of white and monochrome black color will help bring depth to the bedroom interior. The interior is complemented by a stylish and modern brown set, live plants and a few original paintings.

14. Spring greens

Bedroom in shades of green.

Green is the color of life, spring and freshness. In addition, this color perfectly soothes the nerves, gives strength and inspiration. A bedroom with green walls will be a cozy place to relax and restore vital energy. And so that the interior does not look monotonous and overloaded, dilute it with white and brown furniture.

15. Vintage

Faded wallpaper.

Faded wallpaper is the perfect solution for creating a delightful vintage interior. Antique wooden table and appropriate accessories will help create a truly spectacular and unique space.

16. Heavenly shade

Living room with blue wallpaper on the wall.

Charming pale blue wallpaper - quite an unusual solution for decorating the walls of the living room. However, the combination of this delicate shade with peach curtains, a white sofa and a black curbstone made it possible to create a truly unique, light and fresh space.

17. Arctic

The combination of light and dark colors in the interior of the dining room.

The fantastic combination of a light, almost transparent hue wallpaper with a deep, rich and multifaceted blue is an unusual solution for the interior of a spacious family dining room.

18. Noble mix

Bedroom with gray-brown wallpaper.

Balanced taupe color is a real hit of 2017. This shade is so multifaceted and versatile, which is suitable for processing literally any space. A bedroom with gray-brown walls and classic furniture will be a favorite place to relax.

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