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15 habits of people who are never dirty at home


It is unlikely that most of us are happy with cleaning as a holiday, but this unpleasant activity can be turned into a useful habit that will not be a hassle.

Instead of devoting a whole day to cleaning, try a couple of tricks that make life easier for all lovers of cleanliness.

We share the secrets of cleanliness from those who do not know what dusty shelves are.

1. Soap vs. shower gel

Scrubbing the dark seams in the bathroom is not the most pleasant thing, but it can be done much less often if you follow the advice from here and replace the soap with a shower gel or liquid soap. Ordinary soap contains fats and oils, so its foam is more difficult to scour. And the shower gel foam does not accumulate so much in the seams between the tile and the bathroom.

2. Use the dishwasher to the fullest

Not everyone knows, but in the dishwasher you can wash more than one dish. The list of things is quite extensive: ceiling lamps from chandeliers and lamps, baseball caps, combs, ventilation grilles, cooking or makeup brushes, grilles from the cooker, shelves from the refrigerator, stationery holders, metal and plastic toys, and even artificial flowers.

3. Blinds

To quickly clean the blinds from dust, use a sock. Just put it on your hand and swipe the cell on both sides, holding it between your fingers.

4. Shelves of the refrigerator

Cover the shelves of the refrigerator with plastic wrap. So it will be much easier to clean it, especially if something from the food is spilled or crumbled.

5. Roller for clothing

The clothes roller can be used to clean not only the wardrobe items, but also other things, such as lampshades, ceiling lamps, furniture and simple shelves.

6. Stand for knives

We do not forget to wash the dishes, but this thing is often overlooked, and in vain - crumbs and dirt also accumulate in the knife holder. Here are some useful tips: try cleaning the holder with the narrowest nozzle for a vacuum cleaner, and if you don’t have one, just blow the litter with a hairdryer, pointing it at the slits.

7. Shower Curtains

To avoid mold on the curtains for the shower, it is recommended to wash them with a pair of towels in the washing machine, and then hang them to dry.

8. Stuffed toys

Collect stuffed toys in a bag, pour a glass of baking soda (or 2 tbsp. For one toy), tie it up and shake it well, preferably on the street. For greater effect, you can first hold the bag with toys in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes, or add a couple of drops of essential oil. Soda and static properties of the package are pulled out of toys dust and dirt. Pull the toys out one by one, then shake off the soda and clean with a vacuum cleaner with a small brush head.

9. Cleaning the most uncomfortable places.

Sometimes even the smallest nozzles for a vacuum cleaner are too large for hard-to-reach places in an apartment. The problem is easily solved with the help of a cardboard sleeve of paper towels or toilet paper. Put the sleeve on the tube of the vacuum cleaner and form its end so that it fits under the narrow slits.

10. Nail polish

If you have metal cups or soap holders / sponges on the sink in the bathroom or in the kitchen, as well as bottles of cosmetics, they can cause unpleasant rust. To prevent this, apply a little transparent nail polish on their lower parts and the problem will disappear.

11. Air conditioning

Before wet cleaning, turn on the air conditioner so that the filters suck in the dust that rises into the air during cleaning. They say that after cleaning and wiping the dust in the house will be much cleaner.

12. Stands in the kitchen

This blog gives valuable advice: sugar, coffee, tea and other bulk products, which we use several times a day, should be stored in stands or on trays with sides. If something falls apart, it will not fall on the table (and then on the floor), but in a stand, a trash of which you can simply shake out into the sink.

13. Plastic bottle and tape

To quickly clean cushions or furniture, brushes or rollers may not be enough. Wrap a plastic bottle or construction roller with double-sided tape and walk around the polluted sites. Hair, wool, dust, dirt disappear from furniture faster, and it will look more well-groomed.

14. Bowls of animals

When pets eat, they do not monitor cleanliness and move bowls around the kitchen, scattering food. Glue the animals' dishes to the floor using double-sided tape so as not to spread dirt in the kitchen.

15. Grapefruit with salt

Half a grapefruit, generously sprinkled with coarse salt, will be an excellent cleaner for the sink and bath.