Useful ideas

Place under the bed: practical ideas in small spaces


The bedroom should be the place where you can relax and unwind from the daily chaos. But it is impossible to feel serene and relax if things are scattered all over the room, since they no longer fit into the closet.

The answer is almost on the surface, or rather under the bed. It is there that there is an empty space that can be used as an additional storage place. How to implement this idea - we understand below.

1. Space under the bed

Usually, the space under the bed is not used at all, and after all, not only a laptop and mobile phones can be stored here.

2. Drawers

The place under the bed can be filled with small drawers.

3. Rational use of free space

Boxes, drawers, containers are the simplest means to efficiently use the empty space under the bed.

4. Warehouse for unnecessary things

Many begin to use the free space under the bed as a warehouse of rarely used or completely unnecessary things.

5. Metal mesh containers

A place to store old things under the bed can be easily made by hand.

6. Transforming bed for small apartment

Having bought a transforming bed for a small-sized apartment, the owners get the opportunity to make their home as ergonomic and comfortable as possible.

7. Bed with lifting mechanism

Ergonomic bed with a lifting mechanism and a spacious box for bed linen.

8. Bed on the podium with drawers

A comfortable bed on the podium with drawers is a comfortable, practical and convenient solution.

9. Classic drawer drawers

Pull-out drawers are able to give the appearance of the wholeness of the bed and avantage.

10. Niche for storage

The niche for storage of things, located under the base of the bed, is almost invisible against the general background of the bedroom.

11. Place for storage of bed linen and bath accessories

In the niches under the bed base it is convenient to store not only bed linen, but also some bath accessories.

12. Books at the head of the bed

The head of the bed can be a great solution for convenient storage of your favorite books, read before bedtime.

13. Shelves at the head of the bed

To increase storage space, you can buy a bed in which the drawers will be located at the head of the bed.

14. Podium of boxes and boxes

A podium of boxes and drawers is a complete element of the design of a modern bed.

15. Library under the bed

A small library under the bed is ideal for those who have not yet abandoned paper books.

16. Free storage space

Even in the smallest bedroom you can find free space for storage.

17. Hiding drawers

A creative idea for those who cannot find a place in a small apartment for numerous things.

18. Wooden box on wheels

Some models of beds and headboards are already made with drawers and shelves for storage.

19. Organization of the storage system

If a small apartment is always a mess, a lot of things that simply have nowhere to put, then it is time to take serious measures to organize storage systems.

20. Spacious drawers

Spacious drawers under the bed base.