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18 cool kitchen gizmos that will turn cooking into entertainment


What kind of housewife does not dream of making the cooking process as relaxed and enjoyable as possible.

In fact, this can be done without any problems if you have the right items in the kitchen.

This review contains the coolest things that have recently appeared on the market of kitchen items.

1. Juicer

Manual juicer.

A simple and at the same time very practical device that will help squeeze a maximum of juice out of berries or citrus fruits without wiping your hands

2. Oil container

Original tank for vegetable oil.

A charming vessel that consists of two containers for the preparation and use of spiced herbal oil.

3. Wavy knife

Wavy knife for curly cutting.

Knife with a wavy blade will help beautifully chop vegetables, fruits and cheeses for the holiday table. In addition, this knife is suitable for cutting potatoes for potato chips.

4. Key for cans

Key for tin cans.

Modern and very convenient alternative to the old key for opening cans.

5. Mini shelf

Mini shelf on the sink.

A mini shelf that fits comfortably on the sink is perfect for storing sponges, brushes and dishcloths.

6. Saucepan with perforated lid

Saucepan with an unusual lid.

Pan with a perforated lid, which makes it easy to get rid of residual liquid.

7. Ice cream maker

Device for making ice cream.

A device that can in two accounts turn frozen fruits and berries into delicious homemade ice cream.

8. Slicer

A device for cutting vegetables.

A wonderful device that will help chop vegetables and fruits into thin straws, similar to spaghetti.

9. Waffle iron

Pan for waffles.

Unusual pan for making small round waffles that are ideal for a light breakfast.

10. Flexible form

Flexible baking dish.

Flexible silicone side for baking, which is easy to clean and allows you to bake products of various shapes.

11. Bottle Opener

Can opener.

Practical can opener, which can be fixed under the table top or at the bottom of the hinged locker.

12. Cutting board

Chopping board-tray.

A creative cutting board with a sliding knife compartment, which can also be used as a tray for snacks.

13. Capacity for baking

Silicone capacity for baking.

Heat resistant flexible container that can be used instead of a sleeve and parchment paper for baking fish, meat, potatoes and other products.

14. Measuring spoon

Measuring spoon-scales.

Measuring spoon with integrated scales and LCD display, which shows the exact weight of the ingredient.

15. Smart pan

Smart pan synchronized with a smartphone.

A new generation frying pan that can synchronize with a smartphone and transmit to it data on the heating temperature and the optimum cooking time of a particular dish.

16. Salad bowl

Charming salad bowl with bird-spoons.

A stylish ceramic salad bowl with two bright spoons, which handles adorn charming bird figures.

17. Smart kettle

Smart kettle stainless steel.

A smart electric kettle made of stainless steel and equipped with a Wi-Fi module, a temperature controller and a filter. A feature of this model is the ability to remote control via a smartphone.

18. Electric cooker

The ergonomic built-in electric stove.

The ergonomic built-in electric stove with a wide range of functions and an effective extract.

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