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Small bathroom: interesting ideas for close space


Is it possible to place a toilet, sink, storage system in a small bathroom and make it incredibly stylish?

A small room, with an area of ​​literally a few square meters, is able to transform and become visually spacious.

It is worth knowing only a few interesting design tricks.

Wall mural

1. Wallpapers that give perspective to space

On the visual increase in the room is worth thinking even at the finishing stage. Quite unusual in the interior of the bathroom look wallpaper, but in a small space, they are just the way. Especially if some perspective images are depicted on them, for example, a panorama of a city, a road or a bridge extending into the distance.

2. Photowall-paper with a view of the city, a corner arrangement of a toilet bowl and the room seems more!

3. Hmm ... reality or illusion?


4. Large mirror - the savior of a small space.

The mirror is appropriate not only in the bathroom, where it is most often placed. It can become a real savior of a small space. To heighten the effect around him, it is desirable to install additional light sources. In very tight spaces, hang wide horizontal mirrors.

5. Even a small mirror will improve a small interior.

6. Wide horizontal mirror will make the room more visually.


7. Interior of the bathroom in ecostyle

When it comes to small spaces, they often forget about style. After all, in the first place is practicality and functionality. But even a small bathroom can be stylish. To design a tiny interior you need to pay attention to the laconic styles - high-tech, Scandinavian, eco. With a skillful approach, the space will be made interesting by the Moroccan style, with its attractive blue tiles and colorful patterns.

8. The interior of a small bathroom in the Scandinavian style.

9. The interior of a small bathroom in the Moroccan style.

Compact plumbing

In a small bathroom, plumbing of small sizes and non-standard forms looks most appropriate. Quite often for such premises they produce corner toilets, elongated rectangular sinks, and even whole universal kits that can hold a sink, toilet bowl and nightstand.

10. For a small bathroom should choose a compact bathroom fixtures.

11. Three in one - toilet, sink and dresser


Not redundant in a small bathroom will be open shelves and wall cabinets. Shelves should be narrow and not interfere with the movement of the room, you can arrange them along one of the walls. Hanging cabinet is best to hang over the toilet (this place is often empty).

12. Open shelves in a small bathroom

13. Storage systems in a small bathroom.

14. Hanging cabinet in a small bathroom


And, of course, in a small room you should not forget about beauty. The decor will defuse the atmosphere and distract from the small size of the room. Pictures and posters in square frames will make the room more proportional, elongated decor items will visually lift low ceilings. A tile with an interesting geometric pattern can also act as a decorative element. It will set a certain dynamics in the interior.

15. The decor of a small bathroom

16. A good idea to give a room a visual proportionality.

17. Ceramic tiles, as an element of decor