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20 small hallways and 7 tips on their arrangement


In most of the "Khrushchev" hallways do not differ in large size.

They are literally tiny, and sometimes they just do not turn around. How to make such a room more visually?

How to squeeze the maximum out of a small space and use every centimeter practically? Answers - in our review!

1. Light walls

No matter how stylish and beautiful chocolate or terracotta shades, they should be abandoned when you make a small room. All dark and warm colors tend to eat space visually. Therefore, give preference to light, clean and deep colors.

The simplest thing is to paint the walls white. This simple technique will instantly transform a small room, let in air into it, make its perception easy. Do not like white? Then play with a blue gradient, cold and light gray variations. For the sake of interest, you can try a delicate turquoise, violet, lime.

Remember that walls should have a light and unobtrusive shade!

White color is ideal for the design of a small hallway.

Bright and stylish entrance hall of a small size.

You can arrange the walls are not white, and stay on a pleasant light shade.

2. Focus on the floor

In the tiny hallway, visually, the perception of space is affected not only by the walls, but also by the floor. It is desirable that he, too, was light. If the room is narrow, it is better to choose linoleum or tile with a horizontal pattern in order to visually expand the walls.

With the help of the floor you can also set the dynamics in the room. For example, use the Christmas tree pattern when laying parquet or laminate. On sale now there is also linoleum imitating these surfaces.

If there are any obvious flaws in the room itself (low ceiling, curved walls), then it is a good idea to focus on the floor. Choose not the classic beige or brown color version, but to stop at something more interesting. And it is possible to alleviate it altogether - to make a self-leveling floor with a 3D image.

Flooring may also affect the visual perception of the room.

Stylish tile sets the dynamics in the interior of a small hallway.

Stylish carpet, like an accent.

3. Good lighting

One of the main secrets of a good interior is covered in lighting. If it is enough and the room is completely flooded with light, then it is pleasant to be in such a room, it automatically looks more comfortable and beautiful than a dark or poorly lit room. Especially when it comes to the hallway, where there are no sources of natural light.

How to solve the issue of lighting a small room? Optimally - install spotlights around the perimeter of the walls or in the middle of the ceiling throughout the room. Another option is to install minimalist design on the walls. In the design of some hallways, small lamps are also mounted in the floor part of the walls or in the floor itself. So it turns out to create the effect of weightlessness and lightness.

In any case, one lamp in a small hallway is indispensable. They should be at least 2, and preferably 3-4. Or you should look at the lamps with directional light, which can be adjusted according to your wishes and needs.

Good lighting in the hallway.

Mirror reflects the natural light from another room.

4. Laconic furniture

There is a standard set of furniture, without which it is difficult to imagine a hallway, no matter how large it is. But it is one thing when the room is spacious and, in addition to the standard hanger and pedestal, there will also be a console, a bench, and an umbrella stand. But for the "baby" you need to look at the laconic and multifunctional furniture. And well, if the hanger is angular, it will be possible to use the space, which is often left unattended and does not carry a practical function.

Pay attention to the kits, which include: a hanger, top shelf for storing hats, a niche or cabinet for storing shoes. By the way, in the hall you can order not a deep oblong wardrobe for outerwear. And to make its doors mirror or glossy, so that they reflect the light well. This reception will also make the room more visually.

An example of a small hallway.

Functional furniture for the hallway.

Laconic furniture in a small hallway.

5. Order

In a small hallway you should especially carefully follow the order. When shoes stand anywhere, when dirty footprints are printed on the floor, when the hanger is inundated with things, an unpleasant impression is created, the room seems smaller than it actually is.

The disorder harms any interior and does not make it more beautiful, no matter what wallpaper or flooring is used to design it. Therefore, think in advance of the storage system. Remove seasonal items in time, do not keep summer hats on the shelf when it is already cold outside the window. Keep it clean, in a small room it is not difficult.

The order in the hallway.

Storage in a small hallway.

6. Mirror Tricks

A mirror will never spoil a small space. This is a powerful tool that can be used by a person who is far from interior design. First of all, in the hallway the mirror is appropriate - there is always the opportunity to correct a tie or hairstyle. Secondly, the mirror reflects part of the room and creates the illusion of its continuation. If possible, place the mirror so that it reflects the natural light from the window of another room (living room or kitchen).

Mirror in a small hallway.

Mirror Tricks.

The mirror visually changes the space for the better.

7. Visual tricks

There are some more secrets that will help visually save square meters:
• Dark wallpapers visually reduce the room.
• A large pattern on the wallpaper visually "eats space."
• A horizontal bar will help expand the narrow room.
• A vertical strip will visually lift low ceilings, but you need to be careful with it, as it will visually make a narrow room.
• The decor in the form of photos and posters within the framework is able to transform the space, make it more proportional and stylish. Stay at the monochrome options. Autumn stylishly look black and white photos in black glossy frames.

Stylish small hallway.

The decor is in a small hallway.

Cozy little hallway.

Neat and stylish interior of a small hallway.