Useful ideas

15 ways to use things like no one else did


Sometimes the familiar can play with other colors.

We have collected examples for you, how the same things can be used for different purposes.

1. Kitchen tongs as a juicer

A good way if there is no juicer at hand.

2. Transformation of the breadbasket into the base for charging

Great idea how to make an elegant device out of an unnecessary bread box. And the problem of lying wires solved.

3. Fastening for a picture from a can opener

If you want to hang a picture, but it has no attachment - it does not matter. Take the can opener.

4. A great way to cool.

If you need cold water for a long time, this method is ideal.

5. Of the usual belts - a great Seats

If you have good chairs, but they do not have seats, then this method is perfect.

6. Container instead of trash

A regular container for cereals can turn into a wonderful trash in the car.

7. Kinder Surprise Headphone Case

This is a way for those who are tired of searching and unraveling their headphones.

8. Guitar wall shelf

Second life for your guitar, which, alas, has stopped playing.

9. Lamp from old cameras and film

Such an incredible lamp can be made by hand.

10. Bookshelf from plastic canister

A great way to give a second life to plastic canisters.

11. Beautiful sock holders

This is such an unusual idea. Suitable for anyone who loves hot drinks, but does not like to burn his hands.

12. Packaging from tic tac for needlewomen

Convenient way to store ribbons.

13. Shoe box as storage for threads

A great idea for those who have long digs in search of threads.

14. Do-it-yourself sprinkler

Such a wonderful thing can be done at your dacha.

15. Mouthwash - from fungus on the feet.

Mouthwash found many uses, including as a means to rinse the feet of the fungus.