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13 small parts that instantly make the house more comfortable


13 small parts that instantly make the house more comfortable

No matter how much we like the interior of our house, from time to time I want to change something in it.

However, not everyone can afford a radical change due to limited financial resources.

Nevertheless, it is possible to make a real "candy" out of your home without major investments.

1. Oil diffuser

Diffuser essential oil.

Smells very strongly influence a mental condition of the person. They are able to calm, tune in to a romantic mood, plunge into the abyss of memories. It is not surprising that the aromas are able to create comfort in the house. Therefore, if you do not have an aroma diffuser, be sure to buy it. To date, there are many variations of this device. You can buy eco-style, Provence or high-tech style diffuser, depending on the interior of your home.

2. Candles

Flameless candles.

Candles are able to make any space more comfortable and more romantic. However, the use of real candles in an enclosed space of an apartment may cause a fire. The output will be flameless candles on batteries. Put them in decorative lanterns, add garlands and put them on the windowsill in your bedroom to create a peaceful atmosphere.

3. rocking chair

Modern rocking chair.

Modern rocking chairs are no longer those massive wooden constructions like the old ones. Now they are lightweight, have soft seats and fit perfectly in any interior. In our opinion, chairs of this type can be an excellent alternative to classic models.

4. Fluffy carpet

Carpet with a long nap.

Many city dwellers have long completely abandoned carpets, preferring to them smooth flooring. However, in our opinion, you should not completely abandon carpets, because this part of the interior can significantly affect the comfort of the whole house. It is not necessary to use large carpets for the whole room. It can be limited to small and lay it in the cold season, and in the summer to clean.

Velvet cushions.

Do you want in two accounts to make the living room cozy? Do you have a sofa? If so, cover him with pillows. Best of all velvet. This material looks luxurious and very pleasant to the touch. It is worth noting that everyone can realize such an idea without spending a fortune. The main thing - to choose a pillow suitable colors.

6. Pictures and posters

Paintings on the walls.

Bare monophonic walls cause despondency, and the room looks faceless. You can solve the problem with the help of paintings and posters. Whatever the designers say, they add dynamics, freshness and liveliness to the space. Just come to the choice of paintings consciously and creatively. Choose only what you really like, and not blindly copy pictures from the Internet. The room in which there are notes of individuality is much more comfortable interior "on the cover."

7. Plaid

Soft blanket

Previously, blankets were used solely to protect the sofa or bed from dirt. However, modern rugs are so beautiful that they do not feel like dirtying them. Moreover, now they have become a full-fledged decor object that can bring warmth and comfort to any home. Choose a blanket, starting from the style and color scheme of the room. A soft blanket of a subdued shade will accentuate the elegance of space, light pastel colors will help to create an island of peace in a rich, dynamic space, and a bright one will become the accent center of a restrained or minimalistic room.

8. Fresh flowers

Plants in the interior.

The more indoor fresh flowers and ornamental plants, the more comfortable it seems. A bouquet of freshly cut tulips, violets on the windows, palm trees and large-leaved plants saturate the space with air, bringing life and natural notes into it, which are always lacking in city apartments. Therefore, even if you are not a gardening fan, pick up a few suitable flowers for your "lair" and care for them.

9. Bright accents

Bright details in the interior.

One of the major drawbacks of a monochrome interior is boredom. Monotone and restraint often lead to the fact that the room seems cold and impersonal. Dispel boredom, add brightness, richness, dynamics and comfort will help bright accents. Contrast shelving walls, curtains, pillows, rug - all this will help to create the right mood in the room.

10. Cute slippers

Charming home slippers.

Of course, it is silly to write that home slippers can somehow affect the interior of the apartment. However, they directly affect the feelings of guests and households. Everyone knows that the house should be comfortable and warm, and slippers will help with this. So, do not be lazy and pick up something nice and fluffy slippers for your loved ones or, if you can, make a gift yourself.

11. Hanger

Exclusive hanger.

Home comfort is created by trifles: decorative pillows, a mat of suitable color, an original table, a fireplace, etc. One of these parts can be an unusual hanger, which can be made of ordinary stairs. The metal one will perfectly fit into the industrial, rustic and minimalistic style, while the wooden one will be suitable for rooms in the Scandinavian style, Provence or Country.

12. Carelessness

Easy negligence in the interior.

There is nothing worse than a perfect order. In a residential apartment there is always a place for slight disorder and negligence. What it is? - you ask. This is a stack of books on the windowsill, a cup on a coffee table, a crumpled blanket and other trifles that give signs of a person’s presence in the apartment.

13. Dishes

Beautiful dishes.

The kitchen is not a place for decor, the maximum is a picture in the recreation area and a vase on the table. However, this does not mean that the kitchen should be boring and faceless. Its decoration can be bright dishes and small devices for cooking. Bright plates arranged on the shelves of the open rack, a collection of funny cups on a special stand, salt shakers and pepper shakers on the table - all this will make the kitchen stylish and cozy.