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19 amazing small living room design ideas


Even when everything is already done in the house, from time to time it is still worth holding a set of activities called "renovation".

If such an event is just brewing in your home, we advise you to use a few delightful ideas, each of which will help to make the design of the living room even better.

1. Figured elements

Bright living room with shaped ceiling and accent wall.

Beautiful interior of a small bright living room with curved ceilings, a plasterboard shelf and an original accent wall design, located behind a pink corner sofa.

2. Neutral tones

Modern living room in neutral colors.

Modern living room, decorated in neutral colors with a soft white sofa, stylish black armchair, wicker pouf, coffee table made of dark wood, original wall design with a TV and a fantastic fluffy coffee-colored carpet that makes the interior cozy and complete.

3. Bricklaying

Stylish living room with brick walls.

Stunning living room interior with imitation brickwork on the walls, a cozy gray sofa, a compact coffee table made of light wood and metal, luxurious textiles in blue and blue colors, lots of shelves and original decor items that make this space extraordinarily stylish and dynamic.

4. Brutal style

Small living room in loft style.

A small loft-style living room with a spacious bookcase, a gray corner sofa, an original wooden ceiling and a brick wall, which became the central detail of this space.

5. Minimalism

Modern living room in minimalism style.

Modern design of a small living room, decorated in black and white, with an angular white leather sofa, shaped ceiling, dark curtains and an unusual rack with glass inserts.

6. Studio

Living room combined with kitchen.

Wonderful living room in a studio apartment with a comfortable corner gray sofa, light cream curtains and wood paneling on the walls.

7. Dazzling whiteness

Living room with white walls.

Small living room with snow-white walls, a coffee table made of transparent plastic, a corner light gray sofa, fluffy carpet and stylish white sideboards with a smooth facade.

8. Classic style

Classic style living room.

A small cozy living room with coffee walls, light furniture, elegant curtains and a fireplace, which makes the interior truly luxurious.

9. Calm gamma

Little living room in neutral colors.

A wonderful living room with beige walls, translucent curtains and a minimal set of modern furniture.

10. Laconic style

Bright living room in minimalism style.

The laconic design of a small living room with a corner sofa in white, a tiny coffee table, a soft brown rug and a stylish modern TV stand.

11. Scandinavian style

Living room in the Scandinavian style.

A delightful living room decorated according to all the canons of the Scandinavian style, with light walls, a corner sofa, a low designer table, a work area and an abundance of charming decor items that make the interior interesting and dynamic.

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12. Dark accent

Bright living room with black wall.

The living room is decorated mainly in neutral colors with a large corner sofa, an unusual carpet, a round table and an accent wall in contrasting black.

13. Embodiment of elegance

Elegant living room with a dark wall.

Bright elegant living room with black and gray furniture and a contrasting black wall, decorated with three-dimensional patterns.

14. Fresh motives

Bright living room with green accents.

A wonderful living room, decorated in bright colors with a small amount of snow-white furniture and an abundance of light green color details that make the space dynamic and fresh.

15. Magic Illusion

Living room with photo wallpaper.

Fantastic living room, the highlight of which was wallpaper with a perspective, visually pushing the boundaries of this small space.

16. Bright furniture

Living room with bright furniture.

A delightful living room with beige walls, black and white carpet, an elegant black curbstone, a corner turquoise sofa and a large yellow armchair.

17. Brown tones

Exquisite living room in brown tones.

The magnificent living room in white and brown tones, the highlight of which was the original two-level stretch ceiling.

18. Modern design

Spacious living room in loft style.

Stylish spacious living room with a huge blue sofa, lots of wooden details and one of the walls, stylized as a brickwork.

19. Simplicity and comfort

Simple design of a small living room.

Simple and at the same time comfortable interior of a small living room with an ergonomic sofa, wooden table, home cinema and high-quality multi-level lighting.

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