Useful ideas

18 ideas for decorating the hallway in a modern style


The theater begins with a hanger, and the house starts with a hallway. It is through the hallway that the first view of the house is formed. Understanding this, zealous owners pay special attention to this room.

Designers offer to create a modern interior hallway with the help of the most unexpected retro-gizmos. Looks bold and very original.

1. Tray for shoes

The interior of a small hallway can be varied with the help of the original shoe tray.

2. Round rug in the hallway

When you make a small hallway in the modern style every detail is important.

3. Wooden shelf with metal base

Stylish shelf made of wood and old water pipe.

4. Charming hanger

Unusual coat rack in the hallway of wood and old water pipes.

5. Wooden Coil Hanger

A wooden reel, bolted to the wall, can be an excellent hanger for a small number of things.

6. Brilliant decor item

The old wooden table will perfectly fit into the modern interior of the hallway.

7. Wooden shelf

Old wooden box that serves as a small shelf for books.

8. Trendy reception: shutters in the interior hallway.

The most frequent and affordable way to use shutters in the interior.

9. Wooden hanger with cabinet

Classic wooden hanger with a pedestal in the modern interior of the hallway.

10. Compact table

Ideal for a small hallway - built into the wall design.

11. Wicker baskets in the hallway

Wicker baskets can make the interior hallway more comfortable and attractive.

12. School blackboard

Wall calendar on which you can write with chalk.

13. Bright interior hallway

A hallway in which simple principles of visual expansion of small spaces are followed.

14. The hallway in the style of minimalism

Beautiful design and decoration of the hallway in white shades.

15. Decorative element

Ornamental wood will add a twist to the light interior of the hallway.

16. Shoe boxes

Bright yellow wooden boxes on wheels.

17. Wooden shelving

Old wooden shelving fits perfectly even in a small hallway.

18. Stuffed animal in the interior

A small decorative animal that adorns the wall in the hallway.