Useful ideas

15 brilliant life hacks who will save even the most inexperienced hostess


It makes no difference whether you are a beginning cook or an experienced hostess, you still cannot keep all the recipes in your head.

Moreover, having found a suitable recipe for a dish, it is not always clear in what sequence to put the necessary ingredients, how to cut them correctly and in what form is best served. Also, hardly anyone will refuse a portion of useful culinary tips and secrets that will open the eyes to many things.

Meat and poultry

Want to cook a delicious chicken with the scent of smoke? When you bake it in the oven, put a slice of bacon on each slice.

Fatty meat will be tastier and easier if you cook it. with pineapple. Tropical fruit improves digestion and goes well with meat.

A fish

Do you fry fish in a pan? Do not oil the dishes. It is better to rub the fish itself with oil. It will help to cook it. soft and tender. If desired, excess oil can be removed with paper towels.

Fish goes well with white wine. Freeze it in ice tins and add it to the pan or form during cooking.

Rid hands of fishy smell will help lemon juice or baking soda. Rub your hands and rinse them with warm water.

Do not want the fish when cooking boiled soft? Add a small amount of lemon juice during cooking.

Bakery products

Make dough ruddy black tea will help. Add a small amount in the mixing process and adjust the consistency.

To yeast dough was still more aerial, add a small amount of grated boiled potatoes.

No paper for baking, but really want nice file muffins to the table? Wrap them in decorative paper towels and tie with ribbon. Spectacular feed is ready!

Cereals and pasta

It happens that after cooking pasta sticky and dry. To prevent this is very simple: do not pour out all the cooking liquid from the pan. Leave a small amount.

If you are tired of the usual rice, try to boil it in green tea. Groats will become even more useful, because green tea is a valuable source of antioxidants.

To not appear in semolina lumps, pre-moisten it with cold water and only then pour boiling water on it.

Fruits and greens

For many recipes you need lemon or lime juice. This is a useful dressing, which contains many vitamins. To squeeze out a maximum of citrus juice, preheat them in a microwave.

Fresh greens spoils pretty quickly. Wash and dry it on paper towels, then chop and put in a zip package covered with the same paper towels. Now send in the fridge.

Instead of butter, you can add to baking avocado pulp or applesauce. This is a great dietary alternative.