Useful ideas

Fantastic design ideas for children, which will appeal to adults and kids


Attention readers a new review on the design of the children's room. This is an extremely complicated and responsible matter, because a lot depends on how well and properly the child’s room is equipped.

The examples and samples collected here will help to understand in which direction it is better to move, thinking about the interior for the child.

1. Grace and elegance

Bright children's room in the attic.

A charming bright bedroom for a girl, decorated in the attic with snow-white walls, furniture and textiles of various shades of pink, a small wooden table for creativity and a variety of original decor items that make this space cheerful and cozy.

2. Bright mix

Game room with bright furniture.

A modern game room with a stunning colorful sofa, a red table, an original lamp and many other bright details that stand out favorably against the background of snow-white wall and floor decoration.

3. A secluded place

Spacious nursery with an original bed.

Spacious light nursery with a big rack for clothes and toys, and an original two-level design with a berth, a hill and a secluded nook for games.

4. Fox Hole

A small children's room in white and orange.

Stylish children's room, decorated in white and orange colors, with a compact desk, lots of shelves and an original carpet with images of funny chanterelles, which became the central detail of this space.

Cheerful bedroom with lots of bright details.

A stunning bedroom with a functional and unusual bunk bed, lots of bright cabinets and shelves, as well as bright textiles and fun decor, which makes the interior of this room fabulous and incredibly cheerful.

6. Unusual furniture

Children's room with a creative bed.

Spacious nursery with blue walls, a desk and an original loft bed with a sleeping area at the top, a compact wardrobe and a nook for reading at the bottom.

7. Modern design

The modern design of the bedroom of two teenagers.

The stylish interior of the room of two teenagers with a black accent wall, an ergonomic bunk bed, a desk and a small number of accessories that indicate the living of the boys.

8. Tropics

Snow-white room with elements of tropical style.

A stunning room with white walls, a cot for a baby, several shelves filled with brightly colored books, an abundance of toys and decorative elements like a living tree in a tub, pillows with an animal print and animal stuffed animals on the walls that make this space interesting and dynamic.

9. Climbing track

Children with climbing walls.

Fantastic nursery with a two-story bed, a desk and a climbing wall on one of the walls, which will surely become a favorite place for outdoor activities and entertainment.

10. Fabulous design

Themed children's bedroom with a bright wall.

Thematic children's room with bright fabulous photo wallpaper on one of the walls and a high wooden bed equipped with a ladder and a slide.

11. Bird's Nest

Children's room with a tree and a round bed.

Wonderful bedroom for a girl with a mock wood on the wall and a round designer bed stylized as a stump.

12. Circus Arena

Children's room in a circus style.

Bright children's room with a massive wooden bed and an original rack for toys, stylized as a Ferris wheel, which became a key detail of this amazing space.

13. Key detail

Modern bedroom for four children.

A modest bedroom in green and orange colors with two built-in bunk beds for four children, connected by a small slide, which became the highlight of this room.

14. Sun glare

Neutral bedroom with bright yellow accents.

Bright bedroom with white walls, bright rug, original decor and an abundance of bright yellow accents will be a great haven for both the baby and the older child.

15. House

Bedroom with original bed.

Charming bedroom with a creative design in the form of a house consisting of a cot and a small sofa for relaxing and playing.

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16. Dynamic space

Bright space with a Swedish wall.

Cheerful interior of the room of the child with neutral cream walls, bright green details, the Swedish wall and a swing for active games and sports.

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17. Pop Art

Bright bedroom with a bright poster on the wall.

A wonderful example of bedroom design for a teenager boy with a bright transforming sofa, a modern writing desk and a bright comic book on one of the walls.

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