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Banquette with shoe box: design and classic options for a modern hallway


The hallway is exactly the room from which the design of the apartment begins, so many owners pay attention to a lot of small things when it is arranged. The hall is seen first of all by guests visiting the apartment, and the owners themselves, who come home.

This room can be made out in any style, and the main requirement that is placed on it is enough furniture and storage facilities not only for clothes, but also for shoes. The main solution is a bench with a shoe box.

Minimalist banquette with drawers for shoes

Banquette as part of the corner cabinet to the entire wall in the hallway

The concept of the stools, its functions

This furniture attribute has the original name. Many of us often observe it in the halls of our friends, but do not know how such furniture is properly called.

Hall in bright colors with a comfortable stool with drawers for shoes

In fact, this piece of furniture composition is represented by an elongated bench, equipped with a soft seat. Sometimes manufacturers in an effort to create an original composition complement its armrests and back, as a result, it resembles a rather compact sofa.

Elegant banquet in the hall with additional shelves for small items and coat hooks

Hallway stools properties

This element has several basic functions that are perfectly combined in one product and do not contradict each other:

an excellent addition to the interior stylistic picture; possibility of use in a small hallway; extra storage space for shoes; there is the possibility of storing other accessories - hats, keys, umbrellas; There is the option of a stand for phone or other things.

This bench is useful and practical to use, any owners will certainly appreciate its many advantages, especially if they love comfort and functionality. Another plus is the ability to invite guests to sit down as soon as they cross the threshold of your home.

Important! You can always have the right shoes at hand and live in comfort.

Such a thing is simply necessary in a family where there are many children, because it will help to organize the space and maintain order in the hallway.

Varieties of banquettes with drawers

Thanks to modern manufacturers in the furniture market, there are many varieties of stools, different among themselves according to the design features and external nuances. Banquettes for a hall with a box can be divided into several options:

open variations are benches, the lower parts of which are designed for storing shoe products. They can be made of solid wood, iron or chipboard, racks provide constant ventilation of furniture; closed varieties resemble a box in appearance, its upper zone is used as a place to sit, and the lower elements make it possible to store shoes on special shelves in them. Doors can close like shutters or as a compartment, which is convenient if you have children or pets; multifunctional products suggest a combination of bench, storage space for shoes, mirrors, clothes hooks and auxiliary shelves in one design. An extremely useful thing in everyday life is both interior decor and a way to save hallway space.

Boxes can be offered in several more varieties; even forged openwork products can include several similar constructions.

Single, double and triple products, based on the size, can assume 1-3 boxes in the whole structure.

even modest backless sofas or the simplest bench can be equipped with special storage systems; the material from which such products are made does not play a special role. This may be wood, leather, iron, special weaving, inset forging elements; the form of sofas are classified into round, square products, curvilinear elements, and also offers components in the form of certain objects - for example, hearts.

Note! Regardless of the size of the stool with a shoe box, there is a place for its placement in any hallway.

Compact and quite roomy bench in cream colors

Features of the modification of the structure

Devices of these elements may differ significantly among themselves - depending on the target destination. Therefore, a big role is played by the method of opening the box.

Banquette with drawers for shoes, built into the design, which occupies the entire wall of the hallway

A stool with a storage box, which is not difficult to acquire, may have several variations of the design, but this is not all the directions for its classification.

Features of stylistic solutions and color palette

Of course, coupes or cabinets with hangers and shelves take up much more space, but it is with their help that you can set the actual stylistic orientation and create an alignment of accents. Therefore, this function is carried out by small objects - a special stool, a table for storing trifles. This type of furniture has a variety of design options.

  • In the classical direction wood is assumed and the use of upholstery made of expensive velvet or leather. Antique motifs, special bent legs, polished surfaces can appear in the thread. Such models are made both with back and without it.
  • Baroque and rocaille - styles chosen by people who prefer a luxurious design in any room. In this case, shiny wood, silk and satin upholstery, metallic finish will be appropriate. Such boxes can be decorated with exquisite fittings, made under the bronze or gold material. Form solutions can be any.
  • Models with secretaries are the most popular, and they look luxurious. If you prefer the abundance of skin, you can achieve a particularly attractive result. In the same style woody models are equipped with a facade and sidewalls.
  • Modern style is another solution that is advantageous in terms of aesthetics and involves the use of intricate asymmetrical structures. In this case, metal or wood is most often used, monochromatic structural parts are used for upholstery, and all this in a complex looks attractive.
  • Forged products are ideal for decorating the room in the style of Provence. Such banquettes are light and elegant in one part, they will certainly delight the eyes of the owners and guests both in a small and in a large corridor. When it comes to woven designs, they can be widely used for country-style interiors.
  • Oriental style also involves the use of forging, so in this case, a bench with a box will be a profitable solution. In this case, preference should be given to colored upholstery materials and the presence of additional pillows.
  • In minimalism, it is assumed the use of more stringent forms of products, equipped with a special compartment used to store household trifles.
  • High-tech style involves the use of a stool in the form of a scarlet sofa. Applicable models will have the same closed type and a peculiar color palette.

Uncomplicated bench for shoes in pastel colors in the hallway of a private house

Thanks to some types of designs, even the most modest product can turn into a rigid bench or into a complex product equipped with a large number of storage boxes.

Important! The padded stool banquette with a box will become an irreplaceable product for your hall if to apply the competent and rational approach to a choice of the required design.

Bench with shoe box: materials used

As part of the production activities of such furniture structures, a wide variety of original materials is used. Consider those that are used most often:

Solid wood elements add luxury to the whole structure.

wood is especially often used in classical directions and in modern style, which is due to the lack of the possibility of obtaining curved backs and special bent legs. Most often, beech, birch, and oak are used as timbers; MDF and chipboard materials are everyday items for constructivism and retro direction. They are inexpensive and perfectly create an imitation of wood on the facades. Differ in lack of elements of a bent tree; wicker materials are quite popular, and if you decide to buy a bench with a drawer in the hallway, made in rustic or ecostyle, then most likely it will be made of wicker elements. Such models can be equipped with special baskets for storing useful small things;

Banquette with wicker boxes and incredibly soft cushions, poufs, placed on wooden lava

metallic material - most often bronze or iron is used for products. Usually used for high-tech style; A bench with seat and drawer suggests the possible use of leather or fabric.

Variations of banquettes with drawers for shoes in the hallway set! Choose the one that suits you best.