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18 bright ideas for the interior of the bathroom


The bathroom is a very important and intimate point in the house, which one way or another all family members visit.

This is more than enough to think about a decent and interesting arrangement of the premises.

How can this be done - look in the new author's review.

1. Spring print

Narrow bathroom with yellow patterns on the wall.

A narrow bathroom with a yellow accent wall decorated with white flowers, several round mirrors creating stunning optical illusions and charming accessories in a pleasant green tint.

2. Rainbow

Bright bathroom design.

Wonderful bathroom, decorated mainly in white, the highlight of which was the bright shelves in the niche and colored striped wallpaper under the ceiling.

3. Cheerful atmosphere

Adjacent bathroom in green and orange tones.

A small adjacent bathroom, the walls and floor of which are lined with green-orange ceramic tiles, which makes this space incredibly warm and cheerful.

4. Cozy space

A small bathroom in warm orange tones.

The cozy interior of the adjacent bathroom, decorated in a pleasant orange shade, with ergonomic corner bath, classic washbasin and toilet.

5. Patchwork

The original design of the wall at the sink.

Stunning interior of the modern bathroom, the highlight of which is an old bright multi-colored tile in the style of trendy now patchwork style that adorns a part of the wall at the sink.

6. Pleasant combination

The combination of yellow and turquoise in the interior of the bathroom.

A stunning example of a combination of yellow and turquoise tiles in the interior of a small modern bathroom.

7. Dynamics

Bathroom in white and red colors.

Amazing bathroom with original wallpaper on the walls and a compact white and red bath in a classic style.

8. boho

Bathroom in the style of boho.

The unusual design of a small bathroom, decorated in the style of boho, with a mirror in the creative frame, a wonderful shower curtain and an abundance of different textures.

9. Tenderness

Bathroom in gentle tones.

Bright, spacious bathroom, decorated mainly in white, with an abundance of pink and orange accents and amazing bath in a classic style.

10. Blue Fog

Modern bathroom in white and blue tones.

Adjacent bathroom with modern plumbing white, large mirror and original ceramic lining in white and blue, which visually increases the area of ​​the room.

11. Precious turquoise

Luxurious interior in turquoise tones.

Magnificent spacious in saturated turquoise color with a stunning bathroom, lined with small tiles and an abundance of elegant details made of natural wood.

12. Bright accent

Bathroom with a bright accent wall.

A stylish bathroom with a modern bathroom and a bright fuchsia accent wall that makes this space rich and dynamic.

13. Harmonious duet

Gray bathroom with bright floor.

A tiny adjacent bathroom, in which surprisingly it was possible to combine the dark walls, lined with large graphite tiles, with a bright lime floor and the same screen under the bathroom.

14. Bright detail

Light bath with blue accents.

A small light bath with a cabinet and a shower stall behind a glass curtain and an accent wall with contrasting patterns on a blue background, which has become a key detail of this space.

15. Colored Baubles

Bright decor items in the interior of the bathroom.

A small bright bathroom with white walls and an abundance of bright details in the form of a creative hanger, a colorful poster, a mirror in a yellow frame and a living plant on the wall.

16. Wild bloom

Bathroom with blooming wall.

A small bathroom with a deep bath and a stunning wall plastered with fantastic floral wallpaper.

17. The riot of colors

Floral wallpaper in the interior of the bathroom.

Cheerful interior of the bathroom, whose walls are decorated with incredibly colorful wallpaper with a floral print.

18. Sunny mood

Bathroom in white and yellow tones.

A small bathroom, the highlight of which was a small ceramic tile of bright yellow color that adorns the bath, the floor and one of the walls of the room, making it alive and sunny.

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