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The cat marked sneakers - how to get rid of the smell?


Pet lovers often face a similar problem. There are cats, accustomed to order. With such pets, the owners have no problems. But if a cat taken from the street or not accustomed from birth to the toilet gets into the apartment, this can be a big problem. After all, the animal may well begin to go to the toilet directly on the furniture, shoes or on the carpet.

It is not immediately possible to detect the problem, since cat urine does not begin to emit a sharp smell immediately.

Do not take drastic measures to the animal. Gradually teach your pet to order, and how to get rid of the smell of urine, we will tell here.

If the cat spoiled your shoes, you need to act as quickly as possible. Every second urine penetrates deeper, and it will be more difficult to remove traces of it.

There are many ways to get rid of unpleasant smell in the home:

  • Urgently wipe the wet spot with a napkin. Wipes change until you achieve complete drying of the stain.
  • Iron the wetted place with an iron, making natural fabric. Disable steam function on the iron. Such drying will help to remove moisture by evaporation.
  • You can wash your shoes with soap and water.

  • Good help in this case alcohol. In wet shoes, put a napkin dipped in alcohol or vodka, just a few minutes. Then wipe with a clean cloth.
  • Uric acid, contained in cat urine, is easily dissolved in an acidic environment, for example, in vinegar. You can also dilute citric or boric acid in water. Carefully wipe the place where the urine fell.
  • Fur shoes can be saved with hydrogen peroxide diluted in water. The danger is that it can discolor the surface of the shoe.
  • Camphor alcohol, diluted in a ratio of 1: 2 with water also copes with the smell and traces of urine.
  • If the shoes are dark in color, they can be treated with potassium permanganate diluted in water. It absorbs the smell of urine. But this method is not suitable for shoes of light colors.
  • Well dissolves cat urine glycerin, diluted with soapy water.

  • American sprayUrine-off Multi-Pet"containing bio-enzymes, ideal for eliminating odors of animal origin. In addition to enzymes, it contains components that can block the work of pheromones. It is quite a powerful tool that helps even with old spots. For people it is absolutely safe.

  • "Zoo-san" from the Russian manufacturer - antiseptic concentrated detergent that does not contain phosphate and fluorine. It is famous for not only eliminating urine, but also for disinfection.

  • Dry granules "Trixie" Except for smell, harmful bacteria are also destroyed. This is a dry deodorant with a pleasant smell. Pellets need to fall asleep in damaged shoes, if it is wet from urine through. If the stain is only on top, it is enough to treat it with deodorant. Leave the pellets to dry completely. Then remove them with a vacuum cleaner.

  • Another effective spray is deodorant. "BIO-GM" produced in Russia. Contains fruit extract. Its composition contains microorganisms that can destroy the physiological traces of animals. It is necessary to apply the spray on shoes or furniture, to withstand 24 hours, at this time the smell can become stronger, so it interacts with cat urine. But then the smell will disappear forever. After treatment, rinse shoes with running water.

  • Universal remedy "8in1" eliminates the smell of urine, feces and any traces of the animal. Very potent with natural enzymes. Chlorine free. For people it is perfectly safe.

  • "Brovadez-plus"- a drug used in veterinary medicine for the treatment of areas where animals are kept. In addition to destroying the smell, it can also kill viruses, bacteria and microorganisms. It looks like a white powder, which, before use, must be dissolved in water, fill the spray bottle and treat the problem area. Safe to use at home.

Before using any of the listed tools, you must read the instructions. Also, it would not be superfluous to conduct a shoe test for color stability, otherwise there is a risk of spoiling the shoes.

After treatment, rinse and dry shoes thoroughly.

  • Soda can not be cleaned varnish shoes, do not forget that this is an abrasive material that can spoil the lacquered surface.
  • For cleaning suede shoes soda fits very well.
  • Varnished shoes may lose their appearance when exposed to hydrogen peroxide. Be careful!
  • You can also protect yourself from cat urine with citrus. Remember that cats can not stand the smell of lemon and orange. You can use the essential oil of orange and lemon juice, diluted in water.

Another invention in the fight against germs and animal waste we want to share with you.

Wood's lamp is a device that can detect even old feline tags. When exposed to a lamp, old dried urine spots will glow yellow due to its ultraviolet radiation. Also, the Wood's lamp is used in veterinary medicine for the detection of diseases (mycosis, versicolor, bacterial infections). For each pathogen or organic pollution the lamp glows in a certain color. Therefore, it is a great thing to diagnose skin problems in the early stages. Its cost is quite high - 5,000 rubles.

So, we have offered our own ways of dealing with cat urine, and which one to use is up to you!