Useful ideas

Ultramodern bar counters that will radically transform your home interior


The bar counter is such a familiar element of the interior that it has already begun to seem banal. But it all depends on its design. The bar counter can be a kitsch attribute of obsolete European-quality repairs, as well as an original detail of the furniture.

We share a selection of modern bar counters that can transform the interior.

1. A good way to combine the kitchen and living room.

Original bar counter in the interior.

The opening in the wall between the living room and the kitchen is a functional solution that allows you to partially combine these rooms. A bar counter under the opening will replace the dining table.

2. Instead of a dinner table

Bar counter, replacing the dining table.

Put in the kitchen or in the living room bar counter instead of the dining table - an idea that will make the interior stylish. Choose bar racks concise design.

3. Two-level bar counter

Bar counter in the interior of the kitchen.

Two countertops bar counter, installed at different levels, will save space in the small kitchen. One of them serves as a work surface, and the other - a table or stand.

4. Loft style stand

Rack on a brick basis.

The bar counter, the base of which is made of brick, looks very unusual. It is easy to make such a stand yourself, the main thing is to find a suitable tabletop.

5. Functional solution

bar counter with shelves.

Open shelves, located around the perimeter of the bar, will accommodate a lot of necessary things. After all, the lack of storage systems is felt in almost every kitchen.

7. Decoration of the living room

Bar counter in the living room interior.

Such a bar counter, made of natural wood, will be a real decoration of the living room. A lot of alcoholic beverages can fit in it, and a small friendly company can easily fit around a comfortable table top.

8. Entertaining geometry

Bar counter unusual shape.

Thanks to the bright table top of unusual shape, which smoothly passes into the upper part of the structure, the bar counter will become a real highlight of the interior. Its unusualness becomes even more pronounced against the background of a neutral kitchen set.

9. Luxurious ergonomics

Sliding bar counter.

This modern bar counter is equipped with several countertops, located on different levels. If necessary, tabletops can be moved apart, which allows you to stay behind the bar of a large friendly company.

10. Burst of color

Bright bar counter in the interior.

The bright base of the bar counter looks impressive, but not too striking. Therefore, the bar counter becomes an accent in the interior without overloading it.

11. From wooden massif

Bar counter made of natural wood.

The bar counter, made of solid wood, looks luxurious. The rich texture of natural wood becomes more expressive on a white background.

12. So that the free corner is not empty

Bar counter in the living room interior.

The bar counter, located far from other interior items, looks stylish and unusual. Thanks to this arrangement, an additional functional area is formed in the living room.

13. Games with a form

Rack triangular shape.

The kitchen set, equipped with a bar with an unusual shape, will fit even in a small room.

14. Practical finish for the bar

Bar counter, lined with ceramic tiles.

The bar counter, lined with ceramic tiles, not afraid of moisture and pollution. To make the interior complete, the kitchen apron can be laid out with the same tile.

15. Two in one

Two-level bar counter.

Kitchen island can also be equipped with a bar. Additional table top attached to it with metal pipes.

16. Salvation for a small apartment

Modern bar counter.

The bar counter in the interior has become a means of zoning, allowing to separate the kitchen-living room from the rest of the living space. The unusual design of the rack looks very attractive.

17. Wood and glass

Bar counter for neoclassical interior.

A tempered glass table top on a wooden carved base makes the bar counter non-standard. This solution is suitable for neoclassical interiors.

18. Compact bar counter

Miniature bar counter.

Behind a small bar counter, which is a continuation of the main worktop, one person can fit. But from this it does not cease to be less convenient.