Useful ideas

Brilliant kitchen appliances that you want to get immediately


For the kitchen, a record number of various useful (and not so) fixtures has been made. Many of them are truly capable of making the life of a cooking person easier.

It is about these gizmos today that will be discussed. Surely, after viewing this review, and you want to get some of this in your arsenal of kitchen utensils.

1. Convenient dispenser

Dispenser for dough, sauces and liquids.

Convenient dispenser, with which you can accurately measure and pour the right amount of dough, sauce or liquid into the form, while maintaining clean hands, dishes and surfaces around.

2. Kitchen stand

Stand and cover spoons.

A small practical stand that allows you to fix the lid and spoon used for cooking so that they do not leave marks on the table tops.

3. Tool for cutting dough

Tool for curly cutting dough.

A creative device for curly cutting dough, which probably will appeal to all lovers of beautiful homemade pastries.

4. Protective screen

Splash Screen

A small folding screen that protects the stove and work surfaces from greasy spray.

5. Garlic Press

Convenient device for chopping garlic.

A small spinning garlic press will be a great alternative to the old uncomfortable garlic press.

Cutting board with additional capacity.

The original cutting board with a convenient container in which you can dump the waste or put the chopped ingredients.

7. Practical covers

Anti-boil covers.

Bright covers with special holes that can prevent boiling and protect the stove from possible contamination.

8. Board for cheese

A device for slicing cheese.

A creative device that consists of a metal board with a hole and a special knife for filigree slicing of cheese into thin slices.

9. Bags for toaster

Bags for cooking in the toaster.

Special bags that protect the toaster from all sorts of dirt and grease, as well as allow you to cook a stunning grilled cheese.

10. Nozzle-watering

Special nozzle on the pan.

The original nozzle on the pan, which makes it easy to drain the liquid after cooking or gently pour on the forms of chocolate, jelly or jam.

11. Device for slicing onions

Device for shredding onions.

A practical device for shredding onions, which will prevent possible cuts and slipping of the product.

12. Mini Mixer

Compact mixer for cream and cream.

A compact mixer that allows you to prepare a small portion of the cream in a few minutes or whip the cream for your favorite drink.

13. Sausage knife

Spiral sausage knife.

A small device that allows you to make a neat spiral cut on the sausage for its perfect roasting.

14. A device for cleaning fruit

A device for peeling fruit.

A small bright device that will help to easily peel oranges, grapefruits, lemons and avocados.

15. Cover-colander

Cover with holes.

Practical cover with small holes, which allows you to easily drain the liquid after cooking and eliminates the need to purchase a colander.

16. Cheese grater

Manual cheese grater.

A convenient and modern device for grinding cheese, which, for sure, will appeal to all lovers of Italian cuisine.

17. Spoon holder

Spoon holder.

A small removable holder that allows you to conveniently fix a spoon or spatula on the wall of the pot or pan.

18. Capacity for sauce

Removable capacity for sauces.

Compact container for sauces, which can be attached to any plate.

19. Salt and pepper shaker

Charming saltcellars and pepper shakers.

Charming saltcellars and pepper shakers, similar to snow balls, will be the original detail of any modern kitchen.