Useful ideas

10 non-standard ideas of elegant kitchen design that have not yet had time to get bored


The minimalistic interior of the kitchen, where neutral colors prevail, remains fashionable.

But what about those to whom discreet design seems to be faceless and inconspicuous?

We share ideas of truly individual kitchen design.

1.Life in pink

Kitchen with pink details.

Those who are tired of the gray-white gamut, we recommend to remember the presence of bright colors. For example, pink. In order for the furniture to look relevant, choose matte furniture facades of rich colors. If pink furniture seems too radical a solution, then paint one wall in bright color.

White-pink kitchen does not look vulgar.

2. The charm of antiquity

Country kitchen with vintage details.

Country with elements of vintage - one of the coziest interior styles. Cute decor and authentic textiles will make the atmosphere of the kitchen individual and homely warm.

Kitchen in the style of the middle of the last century.

3. "Wrong" tile

Unusual tile becomes the highlight of the kitchen.

In order to revive the interior of the kitchen, it is enough to choose non-standard tiles for its decoration. Discard the usual gray-brown gamma in favor of original ornaments and bright colors.

Bright tile combined with standard brown furniture.

4. Color duet

The combination of beige and blue in the design of furniture.

The interior of the kitchen, which combines two pure colors, will not go unnoticed. Green, blue, burgundy, brown ... Almost any color can be combined, the main thing is to choose shades that are combined with each other.

Dark blue and white is a discreet but non-standard combination for the kitchen.

5. Strength in detail

Original dishes replace the decor.

If you are not brave enough to dwell on the interior with bright furniture or decoration, then pay attention to the colorful decor. A collection of painted ceramics and shiny metal dishes on the open shelves will transform even the most discreet design of the kitchen.

6. Starry sky

Lamps make individual even a neutral interior.

Spotlights are universal and fit into the interior of any kitchen. But the truly unique design of this room will make numerous lamps hanging from the ceiling.

The lights on the wires transform the space.

7. Cozy wallpaper

Wallpaper will make the kitchen a real heart of the house.

Wallpaper is rarely seen in the interior of the kitchen, as they are considered not the most practical finishing material. But even one wall, covered with wallpaper, radically changes the design of the kitchen, softening it and making it cozy. Choose a vinyl or non-woven washable wallpaper: they are resistant to negative external factors.

8. Cafe style

Kitchen interior in the style of a retro cafe.

To create a kitchen interior resembling a cafe is an idea that is easy to implement. Contrasting chess tiles on the floor, bright comfortable chairs, brilliant dishes, light curtains - and the kitchen, where you want to spend a lot of time, is ready.

Even the most ordinary cuisine will turn out in the style of a cafe.

9. Attention to the form

Furniture with non-standard elements changes the interior.

In most cases, kitchen furniture is made to order. But all the same, the results are the same: the designs differ only in the size of the parts - the lockers. Why not order furniture, where some elements have a non-standard form? For example, the shelves are open.

Open bright shelves are also relevant in minimalistic furniture.

10. Travel to faraway countries

Moroccan style in the interior of the kitchen.

The inspiration for creating the interior of the kitchen can be a Moroccan style. Its characteristic features are intricate patterns, arched and lattice designs, rich and vivid colors, abundance of ceramics and copper.

Ethnic details on traditional cuisine.