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13 clever ideas for cleaning hard-to-reach places


Surely you, like us, more than once with frustration lost a battle with dust in hard to reach places.

We refused to accept defeat, studied more than a hundred tips and life hacks from around the world and selected the most effective ones for you.

Remove dust from blinds

Wrap the kitchen tongs with a cloth, securing it with rubber bands. We learned this trick from a professional maid.

Vacuuming the window frame

Use the toilet paper hub as a nozzle on the vacuum cleaner. Made of soft cardboard, it will take the desired shape and easily clean the window frame of dust.

We clean remote places in the car

To make the car look tidy, remove dirt with a simple cotton swab.

We clean the keyboard

The method for those who are in the office: bend the sticky leaf in half and collect dust and crumbs from the keyboard, passing them between the keys.

We relieve the mattress from dust

Apply a thin layer of baking soda to the mattress, wait 10 minutes and vacuum.

Remove water stains from the tap

Use an old toothbrush and soda.

Clean the knife holder

Fill the sink with warm soapy water and place the knife holder there. Wait 10 minutes, wipe with a sponge.

Remove dust from the floor lamp

This task will be handled by a sticky coil, whereby you remove the cat's hair from clothing.

We clean the seams of the shower

Apply a mixture of soda and lemon juice to the stitches, leave for 5 minutes, rub with a brush with stiff bristles.

Wash off the watering can shower

Mix 1/3 cup soda with 1 cup vinegar. Pour the resulting solution into a plastic bag and place the mixer in it. Tie gently so that the liquid does not overflow and the watering can be immersed in the solution. Leave for 2-3 hours.

Clean the vent holes

A proven grandmother's method is to wrap a piece of cloth dipped in water or detergent around a knife.

My shower curtain

Quickly bring the shower curtain in pristine form will wash in a typewriter. Do not forget to wrap the curtain in a few towels, so as not to break.

Getting rid of stains on linoleum

To get rid of dark spots on the linoleum will help ordinary eraser.