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10 killer mosquito scents


In the summer, you want to stay in the fresh air as long as possible, walk around the parks in plenty, enjoy the fresh greenery and blooming flowers. However, even the most wonderful holiday can spoil annoying mosquitoes.

We have found for you recipes of natural flavors, so that mosquitoes will not prevent you from feeling the beauty of summer.


Mix the vanilla with baby cream in a ratio of 1:10 and process all exposed parts of the body. You can also dilute vanillin in water, and then spray this solution on exposed skin and clothing.

Essential oils of anise, cloves, basil

Essential oils of cloves, basil, anise, eucalyptus will help scare off mosquitoes by smearing them on exposed skin (5-10 drops per glass of water) or sprinkling onto the source of fire - into the fireplace, bonfire, aroma lamp or heated pan. You can also dampen a cotton fleece with oil and put it on a window sill.

Elderberry branches

Put fresh branches of elderberry in the room - they repel mosquitoes as well as the smell of tomato leaves. Be careful, the pungent smell of elderberry can interfere with sleep, so for the night a bouquet is better to take out of the bedroom.


Take 5 g cloves in a glass of water, boil for 15 minutes. 10 drops of broth mixed with 1 tbsp. l any cologne and wipe open areas of the body. And 2 hours you can walk quietly: mosquitoes and midges will fly around you.

Juniper branches

If you decide to sit in nature, throw juniper twigs into the fire.

Cedar oil

The smell of cedar oil scares not only mosquitoes, but also flies and cockroaches.

Decoction of wormwood

Not a single insect touches the face if you wash with a decoction of the roots of wormwood (pour a handful of chopped roots with 1.5 liters of water, bring to a boil, insist 20-30 minutes).


The old folk remedy against mosquitoes is Persian, Dalmatian or Caucasian chamomile (also called feverfew). Dried inflorescences, stems and leaves of these species of chamomile, powdered, infect the nerve cells of insects. It is enough to spread out several bouquets of chamomile in the apartment or house.

Wheat grass decoction

In the old days, a decoction of wheatgrass roots, one of the most common weeds, was used to scare away mosquitoes and other insects. A handful of chopped wheatgrass roots pour 1.5 liters of water and boil up to 3 times, so that the broth will receive a light yellow color. Wash your face and hands with this decoction, and not a single mosquito will stick to you.

Basil leaves

You can use finely chopped fresh leaves and cherry flowers or
Basil - put in a room or rub open areas of the body.