Useful ideas

10 home cleaning tools that make life easier for the hostess


Cleaning - if this is not a daily, then a weekly headache for sure. It usually spends a lot of time and effort, and the result even in spite of this is not always good.

To make life easier for you and to make this difficult exercise as enjoyable as possible, it’s not a sin to use small everyday tricks. As they say, if one smart housewife came up with something, this should be shared with everyone.

1. Clean the toilet

It's nice when the toilet brush keeps it clean and fresh.

To keep the toilet brush clean at all times, a small amount of detergent can be added to the holder for it. Perfect for such purposes suitable liquid soap, all sorts of toilet ducklings and pleasantly flavored means with whiteness. The presence of liquid flavoring will ensure that the entire toilet has a pleasant smell, and the brush will always be disinfected and ready for use. Just before use you need not to forget that there is a liquid in the holder. It is advisable to brush lightly on the edges, so that the excess cleaner first drains into the holder and does not spray on the floor.

2. Clean joints between tiles

An excellent solution to frequent headaches.

Hard-to-reach places such as joints between tiles or gaps between laminate require special care. Over time, they can accumulate dirt, which is very difficult to wash with conventional means. To facilitate the process will help the carpet cleaner. It has pushing properties, so it fits perfectly.

3. Convenient bucket filling

The extra corrugated tube will come in handy to quickly fill the bucket with a mop.

To quickly and without difficulty fill the bucket with water, you can use additional inventory. For example, waste pipe for sewage. Along the corrugated pipe, water will quickly fill the bucket, which can be left directly on the floor. Thus, you will not have to lift it and carry it far.

4. Improve vacuum cleaner

Perfect cleaning at no extra cost.

Is the vacuum cleaner no longer working or broken? In order not to spend money on a costly new one, you can get out of the situation with the help of available tools. We put on the old vacuum nozzle on the standard vacuum cleaner nozzle and proceed with the cleaning. Structural fabric, combined with an effective inducing force, works wonders - dust gets into the bag of a vacuum cleaner, and hair, animal hair and other large debris are perfectly collected with a cloth.

5. Cleaning in hard to reach places

How nice that someone came up with it.

With a little trick cleaning can be done really flawless. On the tube of the vacuum cleaner, after removing all the large nozzles, we put on an improvised nozzle made of cardboard. On the one hand, it should be round and have a suitable diameter, and on the other, narrow as much as possible in order to penetrate all the cracks and remote corners of the room.

6. The winning hand

She can what the vacuum cleaner couldn't do.

From the hair and animal hair that fell on the carpet or upholstered furniture, the vacuum cleaner will help weakly. To correct his mistakes, you can use universal rubber gloves. They collect all the garbage in the blink of an eye.

7. Lost something?

Kapron will help you find anything.

If a small but very necessary thing gets lost in the house - nylon pantyhose will come to the rescue. It is necessary to fix a small piece on the pipe of the vacuum cleaner and carry out cleaning in all corners of the apartment. It will be easier to find a trifle with a vacuum cleaner, and so that you do not have to look for it among the garbage in a dust bag later, you will use a “folk sieve” in the form of a nylon.

8. How to kill bad breath?

Aromatherapy is needed even for a vacuum cleaner.

If the main helper in cleaning - a vacuum cleaner - exudes an unpleasant smell, then it is time to arrange his therapy. Aromatherapy is best in this case. It is necessary to allow the vacuum cleaner to absorb purchased odorous granules or some kind of seasoning, for example, ground cinnamon. After some time, the air coming out of the vacuum cleaner will acquire a pleasant aroma.

9. Natural shine of wooden floors

An unexpected solution to the banal problem of dull-colored wood.

To make the floors shine, it is not necessary to buy expensive specialized tools. It is enough to master the perennial popular wisdom, proven by more than one generation of hostesses. We collect water for washing floors in a bucket, it must be warm or even hot, and we dip a tea bag there. When he gives the water all his color, my solution will wash the floors. Shine and beauty!

10. Improving scoop

Nowhere you will not get away from me.

To dirt and debris did not run away, you need to perform one simple action. It is suitable for those who use a broom and dustpan. Before cleaning the scoop must be wetted with water. She will hold all the garbage until he is thrown into the trash. To this operation was carried out with ease, you need to use a paper towel.