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17 ingenious tricks tested by modern parents


Any parent will say that with the advent of a child in his house, his life is changing dramatically.

Scattered toys, things that were pulled out of the chest of drawers, spilled ... This is not a complete list of concerns that need to be faced.

However, children need constant supervision. We have collected 17 ingenious tricks tested by modern parents.

1. Seat protection

Rear seat protection in the car.

If you go on a trip with small children, pre-cover the back seat of your car with a large waterproof diaper. This will allow you to avoid dry cleaning and easily eliminate the mess in the form of spilled juice, crumbs, melted chocolate and other food and non-food waste.

2. Toilet paper protection

Unwinding safety device.

Most parents know that unwinding toilet paper is an extremely attractive process for children. There is no explanation for this phenomenon, but there is a way to squat all barbaric attacks. Just put a stationery gum on a roll of toilet paper and hang it on the holder.

3. An exciting lesson

Harmless fence painting.

Being in the country, offer the child to paint the fence. Only instead of paint give him a bucket of water. A minimum of harm, a maximum of creativity and 30-60 minutes of silence are guaranteed.

4. Book protection

Restrictive tape for books.

So that the child does not spoil your home library or inadvertently is not injured by a volume that has fallen from the shelf, make something like a restrictive tape. To do this, stretch one or more laces along the shelf.

5. Travel kit

Road set of goodies.

The trip will be much calmer and more pleasant if you take care of a tasty treat for the child. Well, in order to not carry with you a bunch of packages with sweets and cookies, we recommend that you use Kinder containers and an egg tray.

Upgrade bath toys.

If your child likes to swim with rubber toys, parents should carefully monitor their condition. Due to the moisture inside the ducks, piglets and mice, mold forms rather quickly. To avoid this, seal the bottom hole of the toy with silicone glue.

Note: through the small holes in the toys for bathing and teethers water enters, which in the heat very soon turn into a fungus. Mold and fungus spores with frequent contact can be dangerous for a baby. Over time, they can cause allergies, stomatitis, nasal mycosis and a number of respiratory diseases.

7. Clean cup

Case for a cup.

To prevent the water glass from getting dirty while drawing, lay a thin oilcloth inside and then pour water. The same oilcloth can be used several times until it breaks.

8. Games on the plane

Calm games on the plane.

To entertain a child in flight, you can use stickers or figures on the suction cups. Suggest the child to decorate the porthole together, and then watch your favorite characters jumping through the clouds.

9. Important information

Temporary tattoo.

Are you going to a crowded place with your child? For peace of mind and safety, we recommend making your baby something like a temporary tattoo. Write your phone number and address on the pen. To secure the inscription, seal it with tape.

10. Pocket money

The first earnings.

Explain to the child that money is the result of labor and offer him to earn his little whims on his own. Hang on the fridge a few bills with tasks: vacuuming, collecting toys, washing dishes and so on

11. Bottle Holder

Original bottle holder.

Broken rattle ball can be turned into a very convenient bottle holder. The truth before it will have to break a little more.

12. Separators

Rear seat dividers.

Traveling with several children can be compared with the apocalypse. The little robbers now and then argue, divide toys and pick up. The separation of the rear seat will help solve the problem. To do this, you can use a thick cardboard, plastic or any other lightweight material that needs to be fixed between the child car seats in order to separate them from each other.

13. Mesh bag

Bag for toys.

Mesh bag is a real must-have of this summer for those who go on holiday with children. These bags are very roomy, and thanks to the many holes all the sand will pour out along the way.

14. Ice compress

Original compress.

Drop the marshmallow package in the freezer right now. In case of injury, use it as a cold compress. Marshmallow does not freeze completely and will not bring discomfort to the child. After using the compress do not forget to please the baby with a delicious gift from the package.

15. Sponge with glue

Cunning for applications.

Anyone who has been involved in application with small children knows that after this fascinating lesson is over, glue can be found anywhere. This little trick with a kitchen sponge will help soften the consequences. Put some glue on it and place it in a plastic container that is not a pity. To put glue on the desired part, the child will only need to attach it to the sponge.

16. Cache

Cache for sweets.

If your child always manages to find sweets, wherever you hide them, you will have to resort to tricks. Place the candies in the package of frozen vegetables or in a box of cereal. Such packaging can not even particularly hide, because such a product does not interest the baby.

17. Pen container

The container for the door handle.

Use a small plastic container to hide the door handles with locks. This way you prevent a situation with accidentally closed doors.

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