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Hidden features foam foam, which will fit not only for washing dishes


As a rule, foam sponge is used in the kitchen for washing dishes.

However, she can find many other applications in everyday life.

Sponge will help and during the move, and in the repair.

The main thing is to know how to optimally use it.

1. Transportation of fragile items

Protection of fragile items during transportation.

To prevent fragile items of glass, crystal, and ceramics from breaking during transport, place several foam sponges between them.

2. Care of flowers

Optimum humidity.

At the bottom of the flower pot, put foam sponges and cover with earth. This trick will create optimal conditions for growing plants. If you overdo it with watering, the sponge will absorb excess moisture and keep it until the earth dries out.

3. Nail polish

Magic jar for removing nail polish.

Use an empty bottle of pills and pieces of foam foam to create a unique nail polish remover. Pieces of sponge need to tightly pack in a bottle along the walls, pour a little acetone and lower your finger for a couple of minutes.

4. Toy Furniture

Doll furniture.

Toy furniture that is easy to make from pieces of foam sponges is a great idea for the joint work of parents and children.

5. Fragrant secret

Flavored wardrobe.

Apply your favorite perfume or a couple of drops of essential oil on a piece of sponge and put it in the corner of a closet or a dresser with clothes. Things are quickly saturated with aroma and you will always smell sweet.

6. Knee pads

Homemade knee pads.

With the help of an elastic elastic band and two sponges, you can build simple knee pads, which will be useful when cleaning in the house or in the garden.

7. Comfortable handle

Hand protection from corns.

Wrap the handle of a broom, mop or spade with a sponge so that after long work with the tool the calluses do not form on your hands.

8. Gaps

The gap in the windows.

Autumn is the very time when you need to take care of the warmth of your home. To get rid of drafts will help sponges for washing dishes, which can plug gaps in the frames of wooden windows.

9. Cleaning dishes with a narrow neck.

Wash the dishes with a narrow neck.

Wrap the bamboo stick with a foam rubber sponge, secure it with a stationery gum and use the resulting device for washing bottles and cans with a narrow neck.

10. Curlers

Beautiful curls on the sponge.

In fact, kitchen sponges are the same curlers, just of a different shape. Therefore, if you want to wind the hair, and there is nothing suitable at hand, use them.

11. Sprouting seeds

Planting seeds.

Dishwashing sponges perfectly retain heat and moisture, which makes them an excellent place to germinate seeds.

12. Furniture protection

Protect furniture from scratches.

Want to protect your furniture from scratches? Will help sponge for washing dishes! Cut them into small pieces and stick them to the legs of the furniture so that when you rearrange it, it will not scratch the floor.

13. Soap dish

Stand for soap.

Sponge for washing dishes can easily replace the soap box. It perfectly absorbs moisture, not allowing the soap to swell.

14. Reels

Fight with pellets.

The hard side of the kitchen sponge can cope with the pellets on clothes no worse than a special brush.

15. Wool

Wool pets.

Kitchen sponges can be used for effective cleaning of carpets and sofas from pet hair.

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