Useful ideas

20 culinary life hacking, without which no hostess can do


It makes no difference whether you are a beginning cook or an experienced hostess, you still cannot keep all the recipes in your head. Moreover, having found a suitable recipe for a dish, it is not always clear in what sequence to put the necessary ingredients, how to cut them correctly and in what form is best served.

Also, hardly anyone will refuse a portion of useful culinary tips that open their eyes to many things.

Vegetables and fruits

How to return freshness to vegetables

Everyone may be faced with a situation where vegetables are stale and have lost their original juicy and appetizing appearance. Try to hold them in acetic water. This will help bring back their former freshness.

Ripe and juicy fruits

If a few fruits in your grocery basket have not reached the condition, then help them to do it. Place them overnight in one paper bag with an apple. The latter contains in its composition ethylene gas, which has a revitalizing and encouraging effect.

How to make vegetables crisp

Fading celery, radishes and carrots can be made crispy again by dipping them in a bowl of cold water and slices of raw potatoes.

How to give a golden color to carrots and onions

In order for onions and carrots to browse faster and acquire an amazing golden crust, they must be sprinkled with a pinch of sugar. If one onion is fried, then to get a golden color, you can sprinkle it with a small amount of flour.

To quickly salt the cucumbers

If you really want homemade pickles, but do not want to wait at all, you can speed up the process. You just need to cut the ends on both sides or chop cucumbers with a fork in several places.

How to quickly peel tomatoes

This process can take only a few minutes and require a minimum of effort. Suffice it to pour tomatoes with boiling water and leave for a few minutes. Drain and pick up the skin - it will easily come off by itself.

How to store pineapples

Interesting, but true. To keep the pineapples juicy and tasty as long as possible, it’s best to keep them upside down. They ripen faster. It is also important to tear off all the leaves.

How to keep bananas fresh longer

Fans of sweet and tasty bananas know that this fruit is not stored for so long. To keep fresh bananas, you really need to really try. If you wrap the spine of the ligament with scotch tape, the fruit will begin to darken as much as 3-5 days later.

How to store celery

Celery is a product that you should definitely include in your diet. Firstly, it has a negative calorie content, and secondly, it is a valuable source of vitamins and minerals. Keep celery better in foil. So he will lie in the fridge for a month longer.

How to protect lemon from drying out

When the recipe requires a few drops of lemon juice, it is best to pierce the lemon with a nail and squeeze the necessary amount of juice out of it.


How to cook delicious pastries

Be sure to sift flour for dough. This is perhaps one of the main conditions for delicious and appetizing baking. Sifted flour is enriched with oxygen and impurities are removed from it.

How to cook lush pies

Add diluted starch to the dough. So your pies and buns will be very lush and soft. They will not lose these properties the next day.

So that the dough is not stale

In any dough (except ravioli, puff, custard and sand) add semolina. Enough only a tablespoon with a slide of 0.5 liters of liquid. By the way, this unit of measurement is called "Zmenya". The dough will not dry out and becomes hard. And this is especially true for bread, pancakes, pies and pancakes.

Room temperature products

When kneading dough, you should use products of room temperature Food straight from the fridge slows the rise of the dough, which can spoil the baking.

Use milk

Try cooking pies with milk! They turn out very tasty and fragrant. And the crust becomes very appetizing, brilliant and beautiful color.

Check yeast quality

The yeast that you use to make the dough must be fresh and have a pleasant, alcoholic smell. You can check their quality in advance. Cook a small portion of the dough and sprinkle with a layer of flour on top. If in half an hour no cracks appear, the quality of the yeast leaves much to be desired.

Pay attention to egg yolks

Ready-made cakes will be more tender and crumbly, if you put only yolks in the dough.

Do not forget the starch

To keep the bottom of the cake dry and not scatter, sprinkle it with a small amount of starch. Only after that you can safely lay out the stuffing.

How to make the cake appetizing blush

Closed pies must be greased on top before baking. This gives them a delicious blush and gloss. Great for this milk, sugar water, beaten egg.

How to easily roll out the dough

If you wrap the rolling pin with a clean linen cloth, it becomes even easier to roll out the thin dough.