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25 useful gadgets for the kitchen, without which it is not clear how we even lived


The kitchen is the place where the family likes to gather every evening for dinner, a place where in the morning there are two mugs of freshly brewed hot coffee and cookies on the table, as well as a whole small world for important conversations and secrets.

And also the kitchen is a place, people cook food (can you imagine?) And of course everything should be comfortable there. This is exactly what kitchen gadgets are needed for, without which it is not at all clear how some housewives live.

Cutting board with two compartments - one for chopped products, the other for waste

Convenient gadget that will help cut strawberries for salad into even slices

Silicone covers that fit any jar

Garbage Bag Holder

Original animal-shaped holder to help steam out of the pan.

Silicone bag, which is very convenient to knead the dough

A very nice little piglet-shaped cap through which steam comes out.

With such a dosing brush, you definitely do not overdo it with oil

A convenient cheese mill, for example, for pasta or pizza

Thanks to this form, your cupcake will already be divided into equal pieces.

Very unusual egg coasters made of wood

Tack-pig created for those who do not want to burn

A bottle that replaces a variety of fixtures

These saucepans are very conveniently attached to the plates and you will no longer have to take extra dishes.

With this knife, which heats up, you will no longer need to wait until your butter is thawed.

And again pigs! This time, a funny egg separator in the shape of this animal

Simply charming ice tongs


A very necessary invention - a small guillotine that will cut your bagels in half

Plate for children from which nothing will pour out

This removable silicone funnel is a godsend!

Lid that won't let the liquid boil over

Special holder for hot plates

This thing will protect your fingers.

Cucumber Sharpener