Useful ideas

Brilliant ideas on the arrangement of the kitchen, which should be noted by those who started repairs


They started repairing the kitchen, but still do not know how and where to start?

Then take note of a few original ideas on the design of the kitchen space.

Bright furniture, multi-colored wallpaper, discreet minimalism, cold, but attractive high-tech. And maybe all at once? Why not. To decide only you.

1. Bright kitchen

Deconstructed kitchen.

Kitchen with blue walls and red furniture.

Dark kitchen with bright yellow furniture.

Bright kitchen with yellow-red furniture.

Red and white high-tech kitchen.

Bright green kitchen.

2. Kitchen in the style of kitsch

Ironic, bright, color, but all the tones are chosen in the same style.

Fictional kitsch.

Kitsch is the embodiment of creative ideas with a combination of extravagance.

In combination with the wood of the dining table and flooring these light mint shades look just amazing.

This color range of the room sets for relaxation and relaxation with your family.

4. Scandinavian style kitchen

A lot of natural color, a minimum of decor.

Small bright inclusions in the form of textile decor will help revitalize the design of the kitchen in the Scandinavian style.

In the Scandinavian interiors, a popular method of creating an accent using a single wall pasted over with bright wallpaper with a beautiful print is widely used.

Focus on the wall.

5. Loft Kitchen

Loft style kitchen.

This style combines modern technology, the appearance of careless decoration, deliberate coarseness of materials and minimalist furnishings. Loft-style kitchen interior design requires a special approach to lighting, where there should be several different sources of lighting.

Properly selected lighting - a pledge of comfort.

6. Kitchen in the style of minimalism

Minimum items of furniture, textiles and decor.

In such an interior, a maximum of 3 primary colors are allowed, most often these are neutral base colors, but bright accents are permissible.

Only built-in appliances.

Emphasis on detail, or black and white contrast.

7. Kitchen interior in modern style

Furniture of this style has asymmetrical, smooth and curved shapes.

Modern kitchen design in modern style.

Kitchen in modern style implies a saturation of colors.

8. Kitchen design in a classic style.

This design will give the kitchen an aristocratic look, make it a model of harmony and purity.

Neat and practical, the classic is ideal for decoration of large and small kitchens.

9. Modern interpretation of Mauritanian traditions

East Arabic style.

Blue and yellow are used as base colors.

Eastern style is inherent in the abundance of various decorations.

10. Rustic Kitchen Design

Design in this style does not require large financial costs.

Almost the entire kitchen can be made of wood.