Useful ideas

11 "grandmother's" utilities that are relevant today


Society is constantly evolving. Constantly inventing ever more sophisticated and cool life hacks, people hope to make their lives as easy as possible. It's great, but sometimes it is worth remembering that all the most useful has already been invented before us.

The main thing is not to forget the ancient wisdom of our grandmothers and great-grandmothers, because they could redo a hundred cases in a day and not even blink an eye. Sometimes truly brilliant things emerge from the arsenal that everyone should remember.

1. Bottle of wine

If you drink a glass before dinner, no one will notice.

We do not know if our grandmothers loved wine. But the grandfathers exactly once in their lives indulged in a bottle. And they did not get up to such a problem as a traffic jam that does not fit backwards. Because they knew one important secret: in order for the cork to easily return to its place, it was necessary to hold it in boiling water for 3 minutes. Under the action of high temperature, cork material becomes more elastic and quickly returns to its place. Simple manipulation, and no one will notice that the wine has already been drunk, at least right away.

2. Broken, but whole egg

A little trick is a beautiful view of food.

What a nuisance - the shell on the egg cracked! Now, if you start boiling it, some of the content will flow out, and a not very attractive growth will appear on the finished product. And no! By adding a little vinegar to the water, this problem can be easily avoided. All liquid parts will remain in the shell.

3. Restoration under the force of any

Feel yourself a creator.

Lovers of art and works of art will now be able to sigh with relief. In the picture, which for a long time hung on the wall, dusted and dirty, it is easy to inhale a second life. For this you need only one potato. Cutting it in half, fresh cut you need to gently wipe the surface of the canvas - all the dust and other imperfections will disappear without a trace.

The mouse ran, tail waved ...

Sometimes elementary ideas come to mind too late. If there is a beautiful vase or an opaque vessel in the house to decorate the interior, you need to take care of their safety in advance. So that no one accidentally knocks and smashes them, it is enough to pour in the sand, which adds extra weight. It will not be visible, and the safety of fragile items will be guaranteed.

5. Medical wisdom

A glass is a very useful and multifunctional item.

Most often in the kitchen, but in any other place at home you can throw a hand. The event is very unpleasant, and sometimes painful. Especially if the splinter went deep and you can’t get it. In this case, help the usual glass. It is necessary to press it with the open edge of the place where the thorn entered, so that it was in the center. Holding the glass for a few seconds, you will be surprised to find that the edge of the splinter will rise. Get it now will not be difficult.

6. Safe transportation

Ordinary trivia often help out difficult situations.

Cooking is always nicer and more comfortable at home. And what if you want to share a hot and fragrant dish with your relatives? Or have you prepared meat for the barbecue in advance, but you need to bring it intact to nature? The reasons for moving food in the pan can be many, but the simple solution is only one. So that the cover does not move, you need to fix it with the help of two office gum. Each of them needs to be hooked with one edge to the side handle of the pan, and the second - to the opposite side on the handle of the lid.

7. Double leak protection

Everything remains in place, nothing spreads.

Going on vacation? How often when you came to the place and opened the travel bag did you find that shampoo, cream or other cosmetics spread out over things? If this happened, you should adopt one simple advice. Careful packaging of all cosmetics will provide a kitchen film. After unscrewing the cap, you need to close the neck with a small piece of film and then return the cap back to its place. Now, for sure, nothing escapes from its tubes and jars to other things.

8. Things with a pleasant aroma.

It is the little things that make our life more enjoyable.

Clothing that has been lying on a shelf in a closet for a long time often gets an unpleasant, musty smell. To avoid this, you need to sprinkle a little bit of your favorite perfume on an ordinary kitchen napkin and put it between things. Just a pair of aromatic wipes on one shelf will be enough to preserve freshness for all the clothes in the closet.

9. Cook potatoes faster

Why waste extra time?

When guests are on the doorstep, and you need to quickly prepare dinner - it's time to remember the cooking tips of the older generation. To quickly boil the potatoes in their uniforms, you need to put one peeled root vegetable to it. Water boils twice as fast.

10. Escape tea bag

The clever person all the same has thought up them.

Stationery gum - a very useful thing in the kitchen and around the house. So that the thread with the tea bag label does not go straight for hot tea, you should use grandma's life hacking. The thread is perfectly fixed with an elastic band. To get a bag at the right time is not difficult and your fingers do not have to burn with boiling water.

11. Universal lemon

Do not crook, lemon - is power!

Every refrigerator should always have at least one lemon. And not only to drink tasty and healthy tea. Lemon saves from many domestic problems. Sour fruit copes with the most difficult pollution. Having mixed lemon juice with alcohol, you can quickly wipe off the green paint from the skin or any surfaces. Wine stains on clothes are not a problem either. If you immediately wipe the cloth with half a lemon, and then, without letting it dry, wash, you can wear your favorite thing for more than one year. Lemon perfectly kills the smell of sweat instead of deodorant and cleans the heels of hard skin.