Useful ideas

Funny kitchen appliances that will help the hostess to quickly deal with the daily hassle


Every year, tens of thousands of designers come up with all sorts of gadgets designed to make our lives better and easier.

Let's be frank: most of them all these devices look absurd and are no good.

But there are also rather curious specimens. Some of them we have collected in today's material.

1. Nippers for plates

Hot plate tongs.

Convenient tongs, with which you can easily remove the hot plate from the microwave.

2. Steam cleaner

Steam cleaner for microwave.

Funny steam cleaner makes it easy to get rid of dirt, grease and unpleasant odors in the microwave, as well as delight with its charming design.

3. Heated Knife

Self-heating knife.

A table knife with auto-heating, which will help to melt frozen butter or other frozen product without difficulty.

4. fish knife

Knife for cleaning fish.

A special knife for cleaning fish with a container for collecting scales will help to forget about the scales stuck to the walls.

5. Bottle Opener

Wine bottle opener.

With this opener, any wine bottle will open at the touch of a button. This device is a very convenient and modern alternative to a corkscrew.

6. Key for cans

Key for cans: 4 in 1.

An amazing device that combines 4 keys for covers of different diameters is an indispensable thing in the kitchen of a real hostess.

7. Brush

Flexible brush.

Bright flexible brush with a hard pile will be a great assistant for the housework. With its help you can effectively clean out any hard-to-reach places in the kitchen.

8. Oil Dispenser

Dispenser for oil.

A small dispenser for sunflower or olive oil with a convenient dispenser is a useful device for those who love order in everything.

9. Form for meatballs

Form for the formation of meatballs.

A small metal form for forming neat mince cutlets of the same thickness and size. Such a thing will become an indispensable assistant for lovers of homemade burgers.

10. Tanks for pasta

Tanks for cooking pasta.

A set of four small containers, colander, which is conveniently mounted on the pan and allow you to cook different types of pasta in one container.

11. Rolling pin

Modern rolling pin.

To replace the wooden rolling pins came modern. They can be adjusted in length and width, thereby changing the thickness of the rolled dough.

12. Marinator

Vacuum Marinator.

A unique device in which you can marinate any meat in literally 15-20 minutes. For this, meat with onions and spices should be placed in a special container and included.

13. Brush for cleaning

Silicone brush for cleaning.

Flexible silicone brush, with which you can easily peel new potatoes or carrots.

14. Pan

Frying pan with several sections.

Frying pan, divided into sections, which allows you to cook or heat several dishes at the same time.

15. Round knife

Knife for melon.

Round knife, with which you can carefully separate the pulp of watermelon or melon from the skin.

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16. Mini Grill

Bacon Grill

A compact device that allows you to quickly and accurately fry thin slices of bacon.

17. Form for cooking eggs

Forms for cooking eggs.

Silicone mold, which allows you to cook eggs without shell. This device is divided into 6 cells, each section has a lid, and eggs, cooked in this way, are ideal for making salads.

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