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Eccentric, strange and original furniture for those who prefer the interior with a twist


Furniture can be called the main component of any space.

It is she who creates the mood of the room, emphasizes the virtues and hides the flaws.

We collected 18 items of unusual furniture, which will surely become a highlight in any interior.

We look.

1. Pac-Man Shelf

Bright shelf Pac-Man.

The bright shelf, created after the cult game Pac-Man, is suitable for storing books and decor items, and decorates the interior of a nursery or a teenager's room with its look.

2. Bright chairs

Red and pink chairs.

Spectacular red and pink chairs in a modern style can be used for arranging a living room, beauty salon or photo studio.

3. Coffee table

Elegant coffee table.

Compact coffee table, which is a neat welded construction of metal, coated with zinc or copper, with a glass tabletop, decorated with a pattern made with a film of different shades. A piece of furniture of exceptional beauty, which will be a worthy decoration of a modern living room.

4. Cabinet

Wardrobe with glass doors.

The original closet with bright yellow walls, lights and glass doors that will turn your clothes into exhibits and bring a touch of chic and luxury to the interior.

5. Dryer

Unique storage system in the hallway.

The extraordinary storage system, which is a wooden plank and seven suitcases suspended from it for various things, will become not only a functional component of the room, but also a stylish decoration of the wall.

7. Coffee table

Creative coffee table.

The original coffee table, made of crumpled tin barrels, will become a stylish detail of a modern living room, regardless of the style of its design.

8. Armchair

Cozy modular chair.

A truly unique chair, which is a box and a lot of soft rollers, which will definitely become a favorite place to relax.

9. Bed

Fantastic double bed.

A stunning double bed, the main feature of which was the intricate wire frame of golden color. This bed will be the central part of your bedroom and its main decoration.

10. Desktop

Desk with a roof.

Compact wooden table with a lifting semicircular roof that can protect your computer screen from glare, as well as create a secluded environment for productive work.

11. Bedside table

Openwork white table.

A charming bedside table with perforations, similar to fine lace, is suitable for placing the necessary details and will be a wonderful decoration of the bedroom.

12. Chair

Great chair.

The magnificent chair, the back of which is a true work of art, will harmoniously fit into both the classic and the modern interior.

13. Lockers

Lockers with "crumpled" doors.

Modern designer cabinets, whose doors look like curled sheets of white paper. It was the unusual design of the facades that made these cabinets unique, unlike anything else.

14. Padded stools

Padded stools in the form of leaflets.

Small ottomans in the form of leaflets, made by hand from natural wool in different shades of green, which can be used individually or put together, turning them into a comfortable soft bench.

15. Transforming chair

Chair in bionics style.

Easy dining chair in bionics style with soft removable parts that can be arranged at your discretion.

16. Floor hanger

Floor hanger in the hallway.

A simple floor hanger in the style of minimalism with an unusual design, will become a stylish and functional detail of a modern hallway.

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17. Sofa

Sofa "Carpet-plane".

Remember the carpet from the cartoon about Aladdin? This idea was taken as a basis by the designers who brought to life this authentic sofa with a seat in the form of a curved carpet.

18. Bench

Bench in the form of clothespins.

A massive wooden bench in the form of a huge clothespin will be a spectacular detail of a modern apartment and will surely please people with a sense of humor.

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