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How to combine shades of blue and brown in the interior: tips and 27 charming examples


Combinations of blue and brown shades are often found in nature - the sky and trees, the sea and the mountains, the earth and the blue flowers on it.

The ensemble of these colors is considered one of the most harmonious and favorable in clothes, make-up, interior. How to combine them and in what interior to use?

Shades of summer

Blue and brown in the interior of the bedroom

Interestingly, this color scheme will refresh the interior in summer, and in winter it will remind you of the sea and the sun. It is universal for year-round use. To make the space fresh notes, it is worth referring to the delicate combinations. For example, use sky-blue as the main color, adding to it with pleasant shades of light wood, clay or sand. Or do exactly the opposite, changing the color schemes in some places. In both cases, the effect will be positive.

Fresh turquoise shades blend well with wood

Sand blue interior

Brown and blue in the living room interior

Blue ceiling blends well with wood flooring

Refreshing color combination in the interior

Light bathroom interior

Noble combinations

A noble combination of blue and brown

Deep shades of brown and blue are capable of making the interior solid and presentable. Most of all, such combinations are appropriate in living rooms, offices and libraries. If velvet blue will be used on the walls, then the room should not be constrained by a small area. This color loves space. The partner of the noble blue in this interior will be the furniture of chocolate shades, puffs and chairs made of genuine leather, velvet throw pillows.

Deep blue in the bedroom interior

Brown and blue in the living room interior

Blue in the bathroom

Noble blue in the interior of the library is supplemented with furniture made of genuine leather and wood

Noble shades in the interior

In which interior are appropriate blue, brown and their shades?

Brown and blue are often found in the marine, ethnic and Mediterranean styles. Often, pastel shades of blue in combination with muted beige and light brown colors are found in classic interiors.

Brown and blue in interior design

Classic style living room

In loft style, the game of contrasts is also appropriate. For example, decorative blue pillows will harmonize perfectly with a brown leather sofa and bare brick walls.

Loft style living room

Also brown and blue, in the form of small accents found in Scandinavian interiors (furniture, decor items, lamps).

Scandinavian style living room

Which room to use?

The most often harmonious blue-brown gamut is used to design living rooms, although it is considered harmonious for any room. Here she creates an incredibly cozy and comfortable atmosphere. Acts on the hosts pacifyingly.

Stylish interior supplemented with velvet pillows

Blue throw pillows look good on a leather sofa

In the kitchen and dining room brown is a frequent visitor, but blue is able to suppress the feeling of hunger, so here it is used fragmentarily, as accents.

Shades of blue and brown in the interior of the kitchen

Blue and brown in the interior of the dining room

In the bedroom, a combination of brown and blue can be used in bedding, curtains, upholstery furniture. This is a great option for a seasonal renovation of the interior. but here it must be remembered that bright turquoise hues can invigorate. They should be used in smaller quantities, drowning out their tumult with a noble brown color.

Shades of blue and brown in the interior of the bedroom

Subdued blue complemented by noble brown

Turquoise blotches

Blue walls in the bedroom

As additional shades that combine well with both brown and blue, you can use a series of white, orange and green.

Blue-brown interior can be supplemented with orange accessories

An interesting combination of brown, turquoise and ocher